6 Things That Generate More Leads From Your SaaS Website

As a business owner, you're constantly studying the content on your website and watching how it performs over time. The good news is that you have seen some increases in website traffic, and you're getting more conversions than you did before hiring a digital marketing company.

However, you expected more of an ROI for each piece of content. We understand that, and we're here to suggest how your company can generate more leads for your software-as-a-service (SaaS) website:


  1. Develop the right types of pages.

An experienced marketer creates a navigational chart of all pages on the site. This includes identifying the pages that receive the most hits. The goal is to create more pages like the highest-performing ones. A marketer also suggests when to update or remove the pages that receive the fewest hits. You need the right types of pages, including at least one for each service line. For each category, there should be a dedicated landing page for all services that fall under it.

Each landing page should highlight the most relevant benefits of each service, so online readers can make quick decisions. For example, you could divide service pages into the audiences who use them most. An audience could be a buyer persona or type of company. 


  1. Improve the CTA on every page.

It's a common misconception that businesses should place their call-to-action (CTA) at the end of a page or blog post. Look at each piece of content (i.e. web page, blog post, social media post) and determine whether to use the hard-sell or soft-sell approach. Then, you can experiment with the wording of the CTA to see if changing it will attract more inbound hits.

You can also do A/B testing by taking two similar services, using different styles on their respective CTAs, and seeing how they perform. Also, remember that each CTA should fit the stage of the buyer's journey.

  1. Add or improve content offers.

A content offer is a gateway to a piece of information the reader wants. Your site may require the inbound visitor to take an action, such as providing an email address or subscribing to a feed, in exchange for accessing the content offered.

If you want to increase traffic to a page that performs poorly or that contains information produced a few years ago, you could make it the target of a content offer. A good example is updating a how-to guide on how readers could choose the right SaaS provider.


  1. Update service listings.

If you get a lot of inbound traffic but a low conversion rate for service listings, it could be time to rewrite the descriptions of service categories on the main page and on service landing pages. When a reader doesn't immediately understand the benefits of your service, they won't keep clicking around on your website for more information. They will leave the page. If your company offers a single service, you need to carefully analyse the service listing.


  1. Build opportunities to capture and nurture leads that are not sales-ready.

Your goal is to create a marketing funnel for each company that might benefit from your SaaS. One expert indicates that a SaaS company should convert 1 out of every 100 visitors into a customer. We recommend you post content that encourages business owners and executives to subscribe or take another action, so that you can stay in touch with them.

Once you collect a lead's email address or phone number, for example, it's easy to start tracking them in your CRM system and provide updates without directly selling them. When leads are sales-ready, you plan to contact them and complete the sale.


  1. Develop content to improve the service for existing clients.

Just because a business has signed up for a service doesn't mean its needs are fully met. Over time, existing clients want to read more about how to maximise their use of the software solution. They can also consume content about how to solve related problems and make their business more efficient. They are trying to serve the needs of customers as well, and it should be crystal-clear how your software addresses their day-to-day problems.


The bottom line: Your SaaS company should have an expertly-planned marketing strategy, including adding new content regularly that brings the right people to the site and informs them with appropriate messaging. Content must help them reach the sales-ready point. Be sure that you are using a profitable channel like ours because it offers a great ROI, more efficient sales, and effectively builds a nurture pool.


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