17 Exciting HubSpot Updates You Should Know About

This week, some fantastic HubSpot developments were announced at the EMEA Partner Product Update. A few have been long awaited, and others are little nuggets of convenience that will make your user experience extra smooth. 

Below, we cover what we think are the most significant updates for Sales and Marketing Hub users. 

It’s worth noting that many of these changes are available to Pro and Enterprise subscribers; however, Free and Starter users will also be able to use most of these new features. 

Do have a chat with us if you’re considering an upgrade; we’ll be able to help you work out what’s best for your business and its current needs. 


17 Noteworthy HubSpot Updates


  1. 1. For clients who use Instagram, you'll be thrilled by the news that you can now publish Instagram Carousel posts directly from the HubSpot Social Composer. 


  1. 2. Admins can now edit 'View' permissions for Note Activity. Save relevant prospect and customer data in your CRM without compromising sensitive information. 


  1. 3. Stop searching the left sidebar, timeline and right sidebar for important Record info. You can now see all relevant details of a CRM record in the Overview tab.


  1. 4. Speed up your regular searches with saved views and updated filtering for content. You can now save your searches as "views" and pin or share them for quick access.


  1. 5. No need to toggle back and forth between Google Search Console and HubSpot to see data on your pages' organic search metrics. HubSpot has built an "Analyse" tab in the SEO tool to help you visualise these metrics directly in the CRM.


  1. 6. Download your quotes as PDF –– this one should get a big "Yussss!" from many of you.


  1. 7. Add your HubSpot Users to meetings when you're scheduling a meeting from a record in the CRM. 


  1. 8. Any automatic associations will now be labelled so you can see what has been done by AI and what's been done by the humans in your company. 


  1. 9. Clone your meetings' scheduling pages. You may have noticed that this wasn't possible before, and you had to start from scratch when creating a new one; well, no more!


  1. 10. You can now see the location of a meeting when you're scheduling it through a CRM or record page.


  1. 11. Use your mobile device to make HubSpot calls. If you have a paid seat, the HubSpot Calling service is now at your fingertips.


  1. 12. Organise your customer's tickets from your iOS device. You can now view and create tickets from a list view. 


  1. 13. Send up to 10 automated emails in a Sequence – 5 is no longer the limit!


  1. 14. Manage customer segments better by seeing when each individual member of a list was added


  1. 15. Edit property values directly from the index (object) table. 


  1. 16. Onboarding new users is now more efficient as admins have the ability to set default settings for groups of users. 


  1. 17. Add descriptions to every Workflow, not just Contact workflows. 

All Hail HubSpot

You may have noticed that HubSpot users often become HubSpot evangelists. Why is that? What’s so special about this particular CRM?

When prospective clients come to us, often, the first things we’re asked are:

"Why HubSpot? How is it different from what we're currently using?

Well, there are many reasons we advocate for this particular software. As a good example, you can check out a recent blog in which we compare Salesforce and HubSpot; we give you a more granular perspective on the key differentiators between these two CRM heavyweights.

But if you’re looking for a quick answer, it’s simple: 


HubSpot is invested in your user experience. 


We’ve not come across a company that spends more time or resources ensuring that the product they’ve sold you is continuously optimised and relevant for the changing needs of your business. They keep an ear to the ground, and if there’s a highly requested update, chances are, you’ll see it pop up in the software sooner rather than later. 

This week’s announcements were a testament to the fact that when you ask, HubSpot listens. There is no stagnation, and where there is reasonable progress to be made, HubSpot gets to it.

If you’d like to discuss any of the updates we’ve listed here, or you’re looking for support on getting the most out of your HubSpot CRM, get in touch with us today.

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