The Web Design Tips All Great Websites Will Follow In 2019

Being on the top of your marketing game these days means being online.

In fact, your website should not just be on top, but at the heart of your digital marketing strategy. As the vessel of your business and your marketing strategy, you need to have a great website to attract and retain users.

Whilst a good user experience makes it easier for people to navigate across your site, it’s an excellent user interface and design that builds your brand and creates that initial hook.

Did you know that you have but a few seconds to grab the user’s attention before they decide to stay, or leave? With only a matter of moments to capture your audience, it’s important to be one step ahead of the competition when it comes to finding ways in which to bait your business.

So what are the 2019 web designs that will optimise your website and propel your business to the forefront of the watchlist?

Broken Layouts

Out with the old, and in with the new - grid layouts are outdated. We have to admit though, they did their job. Putting across your brand in a clean, concise way lent itself to graphic designers because of its sizing metrics and navigation.

Designers are now attempting to break free of the grid, to create more ‘artsy’ and abstract websites focused on grabbing the user’s attention.

Cubii do this particularly well. Using text boxes in different sizes, a motion graphic in the background, and multiple layers, they’re able to showcase their design flair in more than just their product.

Website showing broken layout


Bridging the gap between broken layouts and copy-overload, shapes shape a website just like colours and images. Emotions are key for your website to attract the right audience, and now colours aren’t the only ones to tell a million stories.

Drawing attention to different elements of your website, you can start to map out just what’s important to the user when they land on your site. They also work well with filling in white space, which can be handy for when your broken layout is a little too, well... broken.

MusixMatch use shapes in a very simple, yet effective way, showing us that you don’t have to be all guns blazing to use shapes! See how they’ve used a circular cutout to bring your attention to a visual demonstration of their product?

Website showing use of shapes

Video Backgrounds

So, as video is the current King of Content, why would you limit its visibility? Use video on your homepage! Despite ‘clutter’ being the subordinate of good web design, video is an exception to this rule.

Putting together a customer experience which captivates the user in a matter of seconds will speak more words than you would ever dare to place on your website’s homepage.

But video isn’t just a pretty face. It can increase your conversion rate as users choose to spend more time on your website. This happens to also be brilliant for your SEO - if Google loves video, what’s not to love!?

The Yacht Company employ their video creativity to demonstrate not just what their product is, but the experience that comes with what they’re selling. Video can truly bring across the core benefit of the brand, as well as the physical product, into the first impression of your audience.

Website with video hero image example


The rise of artificial intelligence and machine learning have paved the way for technological advances to enter mundane territory. As HubSpot point out, chatbots may be the best thing to happen to marketing yet. A chatbot is a computer programme that automates tasks and conversations, which respond to people in a human way. Starting a relationship with potential customers at a time when they’re online will mean that your business can pick up the prospect with some information about what they’re already looking for.

As chatbots become more concurrent with businesses’ CMS, you’ll want to integrate the technology into your web design strategy by adapting your current designs to accommodate for a shift in content offers.

Website with Chatbot example

So, what makes good web design in 2019? The truth is, good web design captivates your audience and excites the industry.

However, a brilliant web design integrates design with marketing to produce a quality experience for your audience. Incorporating marketing metrics can significantly increase your conversion rate and make your digital marketing strategy a worthwhile investment.

You should also consider continuously analysing your website to find new and exciting ways in which it can grow your business.

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