Why Video Marketing For Business Is So Important

Because your potential customers want it! This may seem like a very vague and short answer, and while yes it is, I will explain in more detail throughout this blog.

Essentially it does all come down to the fact people prefer video content, and after all, shouldn’t you be doing what your target audience wants? From the psychological reasons through to the cold hard stats that affect your bottom line, video is winning the argument.


Let’s start with the psychology reasons:

1) Video grabs attention

In a world where the web is saturated with information it’s hard to cut through the noise and stand out. Video however, can help you compete to grab the attention of your prospects, while also taking into account that attention spans have become much shorter, therefore turning that 3-minute blog into an easy and simple 50 second ‘key point’ watch. Not only this, but people are starting to tune out older marketing methods and therefore are just ignoring traditional marketing altogether. So video gives you a fresh new way to get potential customers to listen again.


2) Video can build emotion

Did you know that fMRI scans showed people buy on emotion not information? Gaining the trust of your buyer persona is important and with video providing the option of a more personal, face-to-face method it can portray this significantly more, through a shared and more connected experience. Video also helps create and show emotion, which is needed in order to do this through being able to tell a story and in turn making it much more memorable.

3) Video can help teach

People learn in different ways, but overall there is a consensus that visual is the preferred method. This is because your brain is actually programmed to process and understand information 60,000 times faster then text and there is a 74% boost in the understanding of a service when audio and visual is combined. The research found shows that people prefer to learn about a product through video rather than any other source type.


Now let’s look at the impact video has on your business

1) Engagement and conversions

With the fact people are 10 times more likely to engage with a video post than a text or image-based post combined, this shows that when compared to trying to engage with your audience on social media, video is clearly the more effective method.

Also when used in emails it has been shown to produce a higher conversion rate on the action you are trying to get your buyer to take.

2) SEO

Want to increase your authority with Google and in turn increase your ranking position? Not only do your prospects prefer video but Google does as well, statistics show an optimised video can increase your businesses chance of being on the front page of a Google by 53 times.

3) Return on investment

When it comes to purchasing, video has shown 90% of consumers indicated product videos directly informed their purchase decisions. Videos can also increase the likelihood of an offline purchase by as much as 64%, meaning it carries on right through to your sales figures.

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Not only all of this, but video is very versatile. You can create live and recorded testimonials to give customers immediate customer service which can help portray point two at the start of this blog. You can create educational content, animated explainers and infographics to help market a technical product and therefore shows where point 3 at the beginning of this blog can really be utilised. Lastly, you can really show the culture of your company through them and in turn can really help you to grab the attention of your audience too.

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