What To Look For When Choosing An Explainer Video Agency

Whether you need one or multiple videos, choosing the right explainer video agency is essential to getting the output you desire.

When you’ve made the choice to start creating videos around your products and services, you’ll want to know all the options at your disposal in terms of what style you should go for, should you have audio, promoting and utilizing video throughout your marketing. Working with the right video agency should make this a smooth and easy process that give you the videos you have in mind, with the expert edge you need to find video success.

So what should you be looking for when choosing an explainer video agency?


Good communication

A good video agency employs staff that know their stuff, but a great explainer video agency will have the specialist skills needed to create a video that will fit with your marketing strategy.

Whether a client knows what they want down to the finest detail, or they just know they want to make a video but have no idea where to begin, a great video designer gets to know the needs and requirements of the project they’re working on from the clients and helps achieve their vision while applying their expertise. It’s a recipe for success!

Neither client or company should take full control of the project and information should flow easily between the two to achieve your common goal.


Creativity that isn’t stunted by professionalism (and vice versa!)

Creativity runs through the veins any explainer video animator, but often any creative worker can feel compromised by having to keep a stiff upper lip. While being professional is important, you should never let it affect your videos to the point they send people to sleep! No one likes a boring video! When brainstorming ideas for your videos, get the creative juices flowing by taking a laissez-faire approach.

But this doesn’t mean all professionalism goes out the window. A good video designer knows where the line is and knows where to push it in just the right spots.



What’s creativity without passion? Anyone can tell when they’re watching a video and the people behind it just didn’t care about the final product. A lack of passion translates into  creative work as much as passion itself can be clearly spotted by the human eye.

When looking for an explainer video agency, take at their work and make sure they’re passionate about what they do and don’t just live to churn out mindless video after mindless video. Your videos deserve that kind of passion and enthusiasm. Your users will be able to tell!


Experience in marketing

It's all well and good being a video master, but if you’ve come this far then you want your videos to be seen and you want your users to engage.

When a video is being created, it should be created with it’s marketing goal in mind. Ask yourself this:

  • Who will see this video?
  • Where will they see this video?
  • Why will they watch this video?
  • Does this video get the user from point A to point B?

Context is everything and will likely raise the profile of your video and encourage more views and overall exposure.

Don’t get lost the sea of videos so many others often find themselves in.


A love of the job

To be a really good explainer video animator, the most important thing of all, is to really love the job your in. A video designer should never of fallen into their job by accident, they always knew that this was what they’re were supposed to be doing and they love every second of it. Never settle for anything less than a video designer who loves their job.

Here at SpotDev, we value these five points more than anything, and it shows in our videos. We want to work together with you to produce a video that delivers your message effectively, looks aesthetically pleasing and is seen by a wide audience.

If you’ve got video ideas in mind or just want to learn more about what you can be doing in the video-sphere, please get in contact with us. We’ll be happy to listen and share our ideas with you.

Check out our video reel below.



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