How to Secure Buy-in for your Inbound SaaS Marketing Strategy

On-demand software solutions are utilised by most modern businesses. As a provider of these services, it’s crucial to present your offering in a way that distinguishes your brand from other competitors and increases the lifetime value of your customers. To achieve this, you need an inbound marketing strategy, and it’s important to get everyone in your business on board with the concept.

Software as a Service companies are unique when it comes to marketing in that they don’t provide a physical product, and their service is continuously evolving – so you need one heck of a plan to get your business growing and thriving. Don’t be surprised if you’re met with resistance from other members of your team, however. The likelihood is, your key stakeholders have already invested heavily in the start-up and development costs of the business. They may be sceptical when it comes to spending money on marketing, particularly if they still believe that old fashioned hard selling is the way forward.

So here’s how to go about convincing them…


Arm yourself with information

The decision makers in your business are busy people. They are probably aware of the issues and challenges faced by your organisation. They want results, facts, and a clear overview of how your plan is going to get them a return on investment. When you arrange your inbound marketing strategy proposal meeting, you need to come prepared with all the relevant information, and more importantly, solutions.

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Key points to consider:

SaaS companies often dedicate a lot of time and resources to top of the funnel content but miss out on the middle section. An inbound marketing strategy will help you to identify your ideal buyer personas and create content to nudge them along the funnel – a much more effective method of getting your message across and making sure your customer sees the clear benefits of using your services.

  • You need to secure regular monthly revenue. The inbound way of achieving this is to ensure that your business is set up to offer support, updates and valuable information around the clock. By building a catalogue of content on your website and utilising tools such as chat bots, you can give customers 24hr support on their frequently asked questions.
  • Inbound marketing can help your business lower the cost of customer acquisition by helping you to pinpoint the most suitable clients for your service, eliminating the time and resources wasted on prospects who have no intention of making a purchase.
  • In the SaaS industry, you really want to become an authority that will make your website the first port of call for customers seeking reliable information. This not only helps to build strong relationships between you and your clients but it also makes the addition of new products and features to your service much easier to sell.

Once you have all the facts and figures ready, make sure to invite all key decision makers in your organisation to the strategy meeting. This should include your CEO, sales, customer service and accounting managers, as well as anyone else who will have a key role in implementing the new plan throughout the business. When your company leaders understand why a strategic sales funnel will generate a real demand for your product, they are much more likely to give your strategy the green light.

The most important thing to bring to this strategy meeting is perspective: understanding what your stakeholders want and being able to address their concerns is key to getting buy-in.


Team up with the best

If your business is coming from a distinctly outbound background, or if you want to make sure that you get your strategy right from the start, you’ll need to get an experienced agency with a proven track record in SaaS sales in your corner.

At SpotDev, we formulate customised GamePlans for our clients to help them leverage existing content while simultaneously creating a growth loop through paid media channels that drive traffic to your website and get customers to take desired actions across your pages.

Making use of the industry knowledge a specialist could offer will save you money on trial and error campaigns and will bring a ROI much quicker, resulting in better support from management.

Trying to sell SaaS can be a little dry, that’s why you need to partner with a marketing agency that can create the content and paid media campaigns that are geared towards your audience in the most engaging manner. We will find the best channels to promote your service and help you to deliver the results your stakeholders are after.

If you’d like us to help you formulate an outstanding inbound marketing strategy for your SaaS business and assist you in transitioning your team towards a digital growth mindset, get in touch with one of our experts.

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