3 Great Examples of SaaS Companies Delighting Their Customers

2020 is shaping up to be a great year for SaaS companies. As more businesses and individuals move to cloud-based technologies, the demand for efficient, engaging and value-adding software is rising.

The challenge is setting yourself apart from the competition entering the market daily. The fast production cycle for software products and the necessity for continuous improvement creates a hostile environment for companies who may not have the financial backing to compete at scale.

This is where your ability to delight customers can act as a USP. Happy customers will help you to use positive interactions to prevent churn, increase retention and attract new fans to your brand.

Here are three thriving software companies that come recommended by their clients to understand what delighting a SaaS customer looks like.



It only makes sense to start with a company that we ourselves are huge fans of.

Founded in 2006, HubSpot provides industry-leading software solutions for marketing and sales teams around the world. Applying the inbound methodology, HubSpot offers a full suite of tools that support the social media, content management, web analytics and customer support activities of a business.

The company is able to meet client needs by practising what it preaches and constantly reviewing its own approach in an evolving digital industry.

“...by keeping users at the center of everything it does, HubSpot is able to foster a deep relationship with those customers throughout all points of the buyer’s journey, promoting brand loyalty and advocacy.” – HubSpot

If you’d like to try HubSpot’s free CRM, click here.



The video conferencing tool that allows users to host remote meetings has experienced 107% growth. Zoom tops the list for many online reviewers thanks to its simple interface. Hyper-focused on customer experience (CX), Zoom has tapped into the frustrations of businesses that rely on video conferencing for communication.

One of the company’s goals is to help companies build a culture of trust through high-quality video which facilitates eye contact and open communication. Zoom works across all devices and unifies its cloud services in a single platform. Driven to deliver high-quality CX, Zoom partners with other industry leaders in the technology realm, ensuring superior audio, video and web collaboration capabilities.

The key takeaway from Zoom’s strategy is that to delight your customers, user experience (UX) and a deep understanding of your targets’ pain points is essential to building powerful, must-have technologies.



GitLab is a tool used to automate the DevOps lifecycle. It’s a single application that embodies the meaning of a DevOps methodology by allowing teams to work together and eliminate silos. GitLab is a pioneer as the first application to cover all the stages of DevOps, enabling production, development, QA and operations to collaborate.

From a business perspective, this means a faster DevOps cycle and more efficient delivery of new and improved services to the end-user. With enhanced security features and transparency built into the system, this is a great tool for organisations that are moving to an agile environment. It's highly rated with users for its simplicity, as well as features that allow teams to distribute workloads.

Placing CX at the heart of your product design, marketing, and customer support strategy is crucial for SaaS businesses. Listening to the feedback that customers provide is the only way to ensure that you can remain competitive and relevant. A software purchase is often a complex decision that relies on valuable marketing content to push the buyer through the funnel.


The goal for your SaaS product should never be to simply meet expectations. Providing sophisticated experiences that delight users will ensure the longevity of your business.

Customer Experience Begins With Knowing Your Customers

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