Pricing and other pages your website needs to close more deals

Take an honest look at your website. Does it give a potential customer all the information that they need to help affirm that your SaaS solution will solve their problems and give them the confidence to get in touch with your sales team?  

One of the biggest challenges with SaaS marketing is helping to make a software product feel tangible and to communicate the benefits without overwhelming your website visitors. To overcome this, every website should look to provide the answers that your prospects are asking in a simple and user-friendly way. 

That’s why with any clients we work with we will always work to create the following pages: 

  • Pricing 
  • FAQs 
  • Customer Journey 
  • Problems We Solve


Pricing Page

People want to know how much it’s going to cost. It’s a simple fact to business. Everyone is busy and doesn’t want to waste theirs, or your time jumping on calls to find out that your solution is out of their budget. 

For a SaaS business, this can sometimes be a difficult page to create. Depending on your business model you may not have off the shelf packages, but you will always have a starting price.  Where you cannot give a package price, provide information regarding what will affect the price such as usage, number of seats or level of support. This will help a prospect start to self-qualify and gauge if your product will be the right fit before you start arranging demos or free trials. 

Anyone spending time on this page of your website will be strong leads, so do not frustrate them by making it difficult to understand your pricing options, give them enough information to satisfy their budget concerns before they invest time in getting in touch with you.  


FAQs Page 

From answering the questions that your sales team is regularly asked to bringing all the biggest objections into one place, this is the ideal spot on your website to share your best responses. With each question, be honest and transparent. The more “real” the answer, the more a prospect will trust your brand. 

Not sure where to start? Set up a collaborative document, such as on Google Docs, and ask your sales team to add any questions they are asked over and over again so your marketing team can not only create the FAQs page but use this information to create additional marketing and supportive sales collateral. 


Customer Journey Page 

When incorporating new software into a business, there can be some reservations about how your product will fit into their current tech stack. By outlining the journey a “customer like me” would follow, you can show how your team will assist with the onboarding as well and give some idea of timelines to help ease any anxieties. 

Depending on the complexity of your sales process, this may start from the free trial stage, or who you’d request is on a demo call to make sure all stakeholders are aware of their commitment needed. By mapping out what a typical customer’s journey looks like, you’ll help a prospect get a picture of what they can expect on the path ahead. 


Problems We Solve Page

These pages will be dedicated to outlining the specific problems that your best customers are facing. Take some time to think about the biggest pain points that your SaaS solution solves for your ideal buyer persona and create content pages that provide details of how your software helps. 

These pages are your chance to build trust and embed testimonials. Reference case studies that show real-life examples of how you have solved these problems for clients in the past and start to help make your SaaS solution feel tangible and verify their decision to take the next step with your company. 

Once you have these pages created, be sure to include a decision-based call-to-action (CTA) for your visitors to move forward in their buyer’s journey. This could be a get in touch form, request a demo or free trial option, allowing your prospects to raise their hands for your sales team to follow up with. 

By taking the time to create these pages, not only will you have helped save your sales team from answering the same questions over and over again through these website pages, but you’ll also help reduce the number of unqualified leads through website visitors being able to self-qualify and educate themselves speeding up the sales process even further. 

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