How To Make Your SaaS Pricing Page More Compelling

For SaaS marketing teams, getting prospects to the pricing page is a major step in the right direction towards generating more leads for the sales team to follow up. The marketing team has been working like crazy to understand your buyers' personalities and journey. With the help of your analytical tools, they have put together a content plan to ensure your value offer is attracting and engaging your “best fit” clients for your software.

It would be a shame for the prospect to get to your pricing page and not convert into a lead or service subscriber. You need to have a compelling pricing model for your SaaS solution; otherwise, all that hard work that has come before is going to become undone.


What makes a pricing page compelling?

Compelling is a word that we use a lot in sales and marketing. It truly is one of the most important concepts in our lexicon. The word permeates through everything that we do. Below is a list of items that I have worked on this week where the word compelling appears in the brief – and we’re only two days into the week at the time of writing.

A list of compelling things:

  • Value offers
  • Blogs
  • eBooks
  • Videos
  • Content offers
  • Social media
  • Pricing strategy
  • Website copy
  • Downloads
  • Reason to buy


Ultimately, what you are looking to achieve on your pricing page is to give the final reason for a visitor to convert into a sales-ready lead. Even something as simple as the name of your pricing plan will have an impact on the psychology of a prospect as they weigh up whether or not to take the next step.

Of course, it is not all down to the name of your plan. It’s down to the entire buyer's journey coming together in one focal point and assisting them in choosing the best option for them. Things you should consider when you are building out your websites pricing page include:

  • Key Features of your solution
  • What the benefits are - not the solution itself
  • How prospects see themselves
  • User experience on the page
  • Social proofing
  • The best solution


When do prospects convert into leads?

Website visitors will convert into leads. Current industry estimates place the percentage of visitors that will eventually buy a solution somewhere in the region of 80%.

Are 80% of your unique website visitors signing up or taking a free trial?

If you are getting this kind of conversion rate, well done, and why are you reading this blog?

If you are not, then it’s time that you started looking at your GamePlan. A GamePlan is a strategic document that specifies who your buyers are, what their journeys look like and how you are going to attract traffic to your website. The GamePlan maps out the engagement and conversion pathway for leads, incorporating the right tools for successful onboarding. This effort ensures a steady stream of delighted clients that you retain year after year.

In the GamePlans that we generate for our clients, we pay close attention to the pricing page – one of the most powerful pages on your entire website. Our focus is to provide a simple and uncluttered experience to the visitor that clearly presents the benefits of your cleverly named service offerings. Through smart naming and the previously consumed content, we help visitors segment themselves. The conversion path is clear, and the user experience has reinforced the confidence in your business as a potential supplier.

A compelling pricing page for SaaS services does not come around by accident. It is an integral part of your buyer's journey. Regardless of how your sales process works – free trials, demos, or freemium, if your pricing page is compelling to your target buyer, then they will click through.


Start converting more of your web traffic into qualified leads.

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