LinkedIn Company Page Optimisation Explained

Over the years LinkedIn has become a highly evolved business hub. Boasting 3+ million company pages and more than 250 million members, it’s importance in the social media community is significant. It has helped put the spotlight on a wide variety of businesses and it continues to grow into something bigger than just a social platform. Due to its continued increase in popularity it’s no longer targeted towards job seekers and recruiting; it’s now becoming essential to maintain a great company presence across the platform. In this article I’ll be discussing the key points that need to be taken into consideration when setting up your Company’s LinkedIn presence, and how these points can have a direct impact on your business goals.

When setting up your page, the first initial step is to tell LinkedIn about your company. Keep your copy synonymous with your copy across other social platforms, but do not copy and paste! If someone is browsing your social channels they probably won’t enjoy reading the same company biography six times before reaching your LinkedIn profile. Bear in mind when writing your copy that this is arguably one of the more ‘formal’ social platforms and you may wish to take a more professional approach to your company description. Ensure that your copy is keyword-rich and that your business objectives and goals are portrayed clearly.

Besides your company description, your use of imagery for branding is the most important factor when making a good impression on viewers. You have the opportunity to add a cover image and a profile image, use both to create an engaging profile. Look at your current site, your company branding and other social platforms and keep your colours, fonts and styles consistent. This ensures that your company profile will look professional and will create a good impression as users browse your social channels.

You can have the best imagery, the most compelling copy and still attract minimal business if your details aren’t correct! It’s a simple factor but altogether an easy one to miss. Triple-check your companies’ address, phone and e-mail details before adding them to LinkedIn. It could mean the difference between a business lead and a missed opportunity!

Now that you have an optimised profile, engaging imagery and your details are correct. It’s time to start populating your Company profile with content! LinkedIn has come a long way since company pages were first launched and one of the most important factors to profile success is now the content that you post to your followers. Much like a Facebook page, your content should be engaging and a quality mix of rich-media (images, videos etc..) This is also a great way to begin discussions with your followers and gain likes to improve your reach. The consistency in which you post also plays a vital key in building your company following.

Initially one of the biggest traffic drivers to your LinkedIn company page will be the links created through your employees. I strongly suggest that you work with other employees to optimise job descriptions to drive traffic to your company site. Studies have shown that the companies that have more than 60% of their staff using LinkedIn actively have a much higher follower rate. LinkedIn is a highly influential platform, take advantage of this and create a stronger brand community by having a variety of your employees post their industry insights and ideas to the company page to build discussions.

Your LinkedIn company page is a direct reflection of your business in the online world, so ensuring that your page has a mixture of rich, consistent content and great imagery is imperative.

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