5 Brands That Are Nailing Their Marketing

When it comes to nailing your marketing in 2019, you must have the following aspects in your strategy: emotion, retargeting, video, lead capture and customer service. To outline how to use these tactics effectively, we show you the brands that are excelling at showcasing them.


Disney: Emotion

The power of emotion in the marketing world is remarkable. Studies have found that a person's unconscious emotion ultimately drives their buying habits and decision-making processes. Meaning, as a brand, if you can tap into this and drive your marketing strategy with emotion, you can influence the buying behaviour of your consumers by getting them to remember your brand better, engage on a deeper level and trust your organisation.

Disney do just that, they tell a story to their target audience and portray emotions that evoke a heartwarming, tearful and inspiring feeling. One great example of them doing this is ‘The Little Duck’ TV Commercial below.


ASOS: Retargeting

Retargeting is crucial in any strategy; it allows you to connect again with those who have shown interest in your brand through reaching out to the prospect on a number of different platforms with information that will help engage them with your product and drive them further down the buyer's journey.

ASOS really have the retargeting thing sussed by using email to send out frequent newsletters to those who have actively given their details over. They provide content about new products, current discounts and trend updates. They also utilise the abandoned cart email follow-up to remind you that your order isn’t complete and entice you to come back to make the purchase. Asos also sends post-sale satisfaction emails to make sure you are happy with your product and potentially find an opportunity upsell to you.

For those who have not parted with their details because they haven’t signed up for an account or bought something yet, Asos uses Facebook advertising to show you the products you have recently viewed on their website and those related while you’re browsing your newsfeed to tempt you further.

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 09.56.49


Amazon: Customer Service

One part of the marketing strategy that is often overlooked is the delight stage – the post-sale care you give to your customer to ensure that you retain them and turn them into repeat purchasers. Did you know it's cheaper to keep a customer than to obtain a new one?

Amazon have a great loyalty system in place that allows users to connect with them easily when the need to get in touch arises. Their response time is rapid, and they always aim to provide information that is relevant to your request to help you further. The reason they are able to achieve this is because they use chatbots to help tackle their customer service and reduce the friction between the user and the company. This tool enables them to deal with troubleshooting questions immediately without the use of human interaction. Studies show 70% of consumers prefer to use messaging over calling for support, so they must be doing something right.


Honda: Video

Video is huge and is taking the marketing industry by storm because statistics are showing 80% of shoppers who went on to purchase watched a related YouTube video at the beginning of their shopping process.

When it comes to outstanding video content, Honda has come out on top because of the way they have used interactive video content very well to engage with their audience.

Honda portrayed a dual reality of what it would be like to own a Civic compared to a Civic Type R by pressing the ‘R’ on your keyboard to switch between the two worlds. The video resulted in people spending more than 3 minutes watching and website traffic doubling while the campaign was running.

Spotify: Lead Capture

Last but not least, to really win at marketing you must have some kind of lead capture on your website; otherwise, it's a lot harder to remarket to your audience and nurture them along their buying journey.

Spotify captures their leads simply but effectively by letting them sign up for a free version and then drives them to buy the paid subscription once they have their details. They also offer a free trial of the premium version in exchange for your details so you can experience their product with its full features for a while.

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