How to Claim Back Visibility of Your Sales and Marketing Operations

Historically, sales and marketing initiatives would operate in very different ways, with different agendas and goals. Horror stories of marketing and sales overlapping and creating rifts in your business’s KPIs and culture would keep every sales manager up at night.

To an extent, this is still the case, but there are growing benefits of sales and marketing teams bleeding into one another. The best way to grow your business and to ultimately generate optimal visibility is not old school marketing tactics, but an integrated marketing system that allows each team to visibility track activity.


It’s all about inbound

Lead generation and lead scoring are favourable alternatives to old school outbound marketing strategies, and your sales and marketing teams both have data to push this inbound marketing strategy forward. Marketing today should not only help in attracting these prospects but engage and delight just like its sales counterpart.

However, 51% of marketers are still not satisfied with the current level of communication they have with their sales team. What this comes down to is the lack of visibility over operations that is preventing sales managers from seeing what exactly is happening in the sales funnel.

Hubspot is a great tool that enables you to claim back visibility of your sales and marketing operations. Attracting visitors, converting leads and closing customers – an all-in-one inbound platform that brings your whole business strategy to fruition.

The Hubspot platform also offers the opportunity for you to integrate a new culture into your business.

With separate growth platforms for both marketing and sales, Hubspot offers a solution to communication issues surrounding these two teams. Both teams have access to different hubs to be able to log and share information in closed-loop reporting, for effective Service Level Agreement (SLA) forecasting.

Inbound marketing delivers 54% more leads to your business than traditional outbound leads, so you’re more likely to convert a higher volume into actual customers.

Not only will this help establish your buyer personas, but your overall return on investment (ROI) could increase through bridging the gap between customer segmentation and actual sales data, which are all enhanced through implementing and encouraging communication and collaboration.

In identifying more qualified prospects, sales and marketing teams are better equipped to convert through conversations and automation efforts, keeping your customers up to date on your content offerings.

Workflow is a unique feature of the software that allows your content to reach the right customers, at the right time, with the right content. Being able to track the buyer journey this way enables your sales and marketing teams to respond in real-time.

Keep everyone updated

Hubspot integrates with software and apps to deliver a seamless experience so you can connect every single person within your team together to align your goals, culture and operations. It may sound light-hearted, but attaching messaging apps to HubSpot really does boost communication, which will ultimately engage your workforce. Streamlining your business has never been so easy!

HubSpot is a tool that not only syncs all elements of your sales and marketing efforts but extends its benefits over to a long-term collaboration between the people behind these teams. By providing the sales team with automatic updates on any marketing activity within the platform, qualified leads can be made known in real-time.

Giving the sales team the ability to act efficiently will then flow into the inbound methodology of nurturing leads. The information collected from this can feed back to the marketing team to continue any customisation of customer experiences.

The main decision surrounding visibility enablement is how your workforce will react to any implementation into how to solve this issue. A marketing software such as HubSpot is not only easy to use, but it allows your whole team to collaborate and to input on ideas that concern different departments.

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