Can HubSpot Fix Your Sales Process?

The bread and butter of any company is its sales process. If you are unable to scale or report on sales and marketing efforts, it is likely that it is because the sales process is not defined or well-documented. There may even be misalignment between the sales team as to what their sales process consists of. 

In other words, maybe the sales team reps and managers are singing from different song sheets.

Creating a Sales Process

  1. To create an effective sales process, the sales team need deep insights into the buyer’s journey and alignment on what the ideal buyer persona looks like. This makes it much easier to set attainable and mutually agreed-upon targets. 

    Start by asking these questions:

    • > Who is our target audience? 

      > What pain points and challenges are they trying to address?

    • > What does the buyer’s journey look like? Define each stage that leads to conversion.   

      > What are your long and short-term revenue targets, and are these realistic considering the length of your sales cycle? 

    From here, your sales team can evaluate the existing sales process and get objectives about what is and isn’t working, as well as how the current tech stack is supporting their goals and activities. 

    Once completed, there should be a well-defined outline of a successful sales process for the business. But the hard part is yet to come! The next step is to act on the agreed outline and get over the first and biggest hurdle…..

The Internal Sales System. 

One of the services we provide during Sales Hub Onboarding is reviewing your entire sales process and sales cycle. We’ll then work with you to align each step with the tools and features offered by the HubSpot platform. 

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Let’s talk about HubSpot

It’s no secret that we love HubSpot —— we’ve been helping businesses make the most of this market-leading sales and marketing platform for almost 12 years. Below, we outline the top features we know your sales process will benefit from: 


Sales Pro Automation Tools

  • Reporting - With the correct setup for your business, you can say goodbye to manual data handling for reporting. HubSpot will automatically pull together information based on the parameters set when the dashboard is set up. Watch our HubLight video here.

  • Company Record Creation - HubSpot’s intuitive system takes the domain name from the contact email and automatically creates the Company record for that contact. Less data entry = more productivity! 

  • Meeting/Calendar Sync - This is a huge time saver. Many hours have been spent emailing back and forth, trying to find a time that suits everyone. With a simple setup, HubSpot syncs up to your calendar, and using the custom settings, it can automatically show the client when you are available to meet. This gives you more control of your working day and helps you to only book meetings when they are conveniently timed. Read more about Meetings here.

Sequences and Email Templates - With these features, you can automate an entire series of emails and tasks for cold outreach and lead nurturing.



The CRM is a single source of truth for every company. A well-integrated CRM will help align the Sales and Marketing teams to turn potential leads into customers. HubSpot’s CRM is arguably one of the most intuitive and user-friendly systems available today —— and it’s free. 

Below are just a few examples of why HubSpot CRM is the key to an effective sales process. 

  • Deduplication - HubSpot has a useful tool which prevents any duplicate contacts/companies/deals and tickets from being created when migrating/integrating from another system. Read more here.

  • Email Logging - With the HubSpot extension for your email provider, it is easy to view email correspondence in each contact/company record. 

  • Call Logging - With a simple setup, you can log and record phone calls which not only helps with team visibility but can also be beneficial when training new sales reps.

  • Notes - These are displayed on the contact/company record. Important or relevant information about the current deal/sale/pipeline can be typed into the relevant record. You will be able to view who in the team made the note and the date and time it was added to the record. There is also an option to pin it to the top in case of important information!


Inbound Methodology

HubSpot’s principles are based upon the inbound methodology –– a philosophy that helps accelerate business growth by building meaningful and lasting relationships with suppliers, potential leads, and existing customers.

To build these relationships, your business needs to focus on educational, customer-centric content creation that nurtures the lead through each stage in the buyer’s journey. Eventually, by the time that lead is ready to have a conversation with someone on your team, they are sufficiently knowledgeable about how your product or service solves their problem and are excited to find out more.

HubSpot Flywheel expands on the traditional sales funnel by encouraging your business to develop processes that automate lead nurturing and help you build meaningful relationships with new and existing customers, ensuring that lead generation, conversion and retention become a natural part of your sales process. 

Read more about HubSpot’s Inbound Methodology here.


What's next?

We have covered how HubSpot can help fix your Sales Process with HubSpot Sales Hub. Now what?

As a Diamond HubSpot Partner, we offer help with the purchase, set-up, and implementation of HubSpot Software by means of our Onboarding services. We also offer strategic guidance, support and training

Every business has different processes, goals, expectations, and preferences when it comes to support and training. Meaning, not every business wants out-of-the-box onboarding or support and requires a more personalised experience. 

We at Klood recognise this and have created an Onboarding Academy where, using our pre-recorded courses, you and your team can learn at your own pace. We also provide other services which help deliver the personalised support and service you require.




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