The Benefits of HubSpot for a SaaS business

As HubSpot partners, we’re pretty biased when it comes to growth platforms. It’s the platform that we recommend to our prospective clients when they’re looking to scale.

In this post, I’m not going to go into the individual features of the HubSpot software as there’s plenty of resources online that demonstrate those, (check ‘Why Go HubSpot?’ as a prime example) but I want to focus on the more top-level benefits that you’ll enjoy by implementing HubSpot for your SaaS business.


7 Benefits of HubSpot for SaaS businesses


  1. Adopting the Inbound Methodology
  2. Everything you need to grow in one place
  3. Education
  4. Community
  5. Technical assistance
  6. Partner assistance
  7. Inbound

Adopting the Inbound Methodology


Inbound changes the way that you market, sell and deliver services. When you truly adopt Inbound, the customer becomes the focus of all your activity. You’ll no longer be writing blog posts that just talk about yourself or your company. No one really cares about how many awards you’ve won, or that it’s your lead developer’s dog’s birthday! Your reader cares about themselves and how you can help them solve a problem. Your messaging becomes all about them—what problems do you solve for them and how can you make their life easier? Likewise, your sales teams will close more deals by going from an ‘always be closing’ mentality to an ‘always be helping’ approach.


Everything you need to grow your SaaS business in one place.  

The ‘Hub’ in HubSpot isn’t there by chance! HubSpot can truly become the central hub of all your growth activities. It’s been engineered to ensure that it can deliver all the tools that you need to market and sell your SaaS product, as well as deliver outstanding customer service.  What’s more, if the tool isn’t native within HubSpot, there are a myriad of out-of-the-box, easy to set up integrations with hundreds of other applications. If that’s still not good enough, then there’s the HubSpot API which is an extremely well documented and accessible opening into the software.

 HubSpot Connect Ecosystem



At the time of writing this, the HubSpot academy contains 60 different courses, of which 25 of them are certified. The HubSpot certifications are becoming more and more recognisable within the sales and marketing industry.  

HubSpot Certification

The content spans a wide range of topics, not just about the software but also more strategic approaches such as inbound sales or contextual marketing, as well as a lot of tactical courses, for example on business blogging and YouTube marketing.

The great news is that the courses are free for both HubSpot and non-HubSpot customers.



HubSpot have been a master of developing a vibrant community—both in person and virtual. In person, in many cities around the world, there are regular HubSpot User Groups where users go to learn and share best practices. SpotDev run the Milton Keynes HubSpot User Group and you can find out more information about that here.  

Online, the HubSpot Community forum is a fantastic way to learn and discuss topics with other people. There are a number of community ambassadors, such as myself, who are happy to jump in and answer any questions that you may have about HubSpot.

Technical assistance

HubSpots technical support is worth paying attention to. There are multiple ways you can get in touch with them, including email and online chat. You can also request a callback where they will call you within five minutes of you requesting assistance. 

The level of knowledge that the reps have is immense and, if they can’t help you there and then, they’ll take ownership of the issue and bring in the relevant resources. You could learn a lot about supporting your customers by studying what they do.


Partner assistance

The partner channel is extremely important to HubSpot, not just to sell their software but to ensure that the tools are used in order to maximise growth. As with any software platform, unless you use it properly you’ll not get the return from it that you anticipated and you’ll be more likely to churn.

So, having a HubSpot partner on hand that are experts in putting the software to work for you is a must. HubSpot partners are well trained and experienced in applying the platform to help users grow their businesses. If you’d like to discuss how, as a partner, we can help you, please get in touch.



A big highlight of the HubSpot calendar is the Inbound event, held annually in Boston, USA.  

Over 15,000 marketers, sales people & business owners get together for three days of solid learning from industry experts. The event is full of keynote talks from thought leaders and breakout sessions from industry experts. It’s where HubSpot announce all the new developments and show you how to use them. It’s a must attend conference for those wishing to get the most from their investment into HubSpot.

Hopefully what I’ve demonstrated in this post is that HubSpot isn’t just another software tool.  When you become a HubSpot customer you get the opportunity and the resources to truly transform your business and scale. Embracing the culture and methodologies that they promote and live by will give your SaaS business some solid foundations on which to scale.

If you’d like to discuss HubSpot in any further detail and see if it would be suitable for your business, arrange a call.



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