The 8 Most Important Marketing Blogs You Should be Reading

Are you worried that your website isn’t generating as many leads as it could? Perhaps your social media efforts aren’t yielding the results you’d hoped for. There are all sorts of reasons why your digital marketing could be letting you down. One of them may be that you simply don’t know where to start. The digital marketing landscape is huge, and it can be difficult to learn and keep up to date with.

If you’re keen to improve your marketing knowledge with a view to improving your company’s digital presence, then it’d be well worth checking out these excellent online marketing blogs.


Since its inception back in 2004, Moz (formerly SEOmoz) has established itself as one of the world’s most popular digital marketing software companies - particularly with SMEs and those business owners who are looking to improve their digital skill set.

This is in no small part thanks to the Moz blog, with content produced by SEO and digital marketing experts (almost) every single day. There is also YouMoz, a marketing blog created by Moz readers and other industry thought leaders.

Don’t miss: Whiteboard Friday

The most popular content on the Moz blog is undoubtedly Whiteboard Friday, a weekly vlog fronted by Moz founder Rand Fishkin (and the occasional guest presenter) that explores a wide range of digital marketing subjects.

They’re typically only about ten minutes long, but the insights beginners to this industry can gain are invaluable.

Content Marketing Institute

Producing fantastic content is an essential cog in the SEO process, and the Content Marketing Institute blog is the best place to start if you want to find out more about content marketing.

The blog covers everything from content creation and strategy, through to amplification and analysis, while the CMI is also behind the Content Marketing World conference and the Chief Content Officer (CCO) magazine - published monthly both in print and online.

Don’t Miss: Joe Pulizzi’s blogs

Joe is the CMI’s founder and a leading content marketing evangelist, and his articles are some of the most insightful that are available on the subject.

Google Webmaster Central Blog

Google’s official blog for announcing new updates relating to its algorithm and other services, the official Webmaster Central Blog is a must-read for anyone wanting to learn more about SEO and search.

Don’t miss: any of it

From Panda and Penguin through to more routine changes, this will be one of the most important websites on your Bookmarks bar.

Search Engine Watch

The official Google Webmaster Central Blog is essential reading for everyone involved with SEO and search, but it can be a bit daunting to beginners and novices.

Search Engine Watch on the other hand covers the most important updates and news, but uses much more easily-digestible language compared with Google’s official blog.

Don’t miss: Google Algorithm updates

Search Engine Watch covers every significant Google algorithm update, as well as other notable changes in the search industry.

Search Engine Journal

Ideal for digital marketing beginners as well as experienced pros, there is no topic you won’t find covered on Search Engine Journal.

Whether you’re looking for articles on content marketing, social media or the more technical aspects of SEO, you’ll find them on SEJ.

Don’t miss: Marketing Nerds Podcast

Search experts discussing all manner of subjects related to search and digital marketing - great for listening to on your work commute.


HubSpot is the agency behind the Inbound Marketing methodology, which involves driving traffic to your website, generating leads and converting those leads to customers via content marketing.

HubSpot publish a huge amount of content on their website, separated into two blogs: ‘Marketing’, aimed at search professionals and organisations looking to conduct digital marketing in-house, and ‘Sales’, aimed at anyone looking to sell products and services online.

Don’t miss: Their selection of eBooks and whitepapers

A key tenant of the Inbound Marketing methodology is downloadable content offers, so it is unsurprising that HubSpot has a huge library of free eBooks and whitepapers covering every subject associated with digital that you can think of.

Social Media Examiner


The leading blog on all things social, the Social Media Examiner is a must read for anyone producing content for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any of the social networks.

Discover how to optimise your social ads, increase user engagement as well as learn more about updates and the new platforms that have everybody talking.

Don’t miss: The Social Media Marketing Industry Report

Published annually, the Social Media Marketing Industry Report looks at how marketers are using social media, which platforms they’re planning to use more and much more besides. It’s free to download, and well worth your time.

Marketing Land


This beginner-friendly blog is great for keeping up-to-date with all of the latest digital marketing announcements, not to mention picking up some ingenious hints and tips on digital strategy and content creation.

Don’t miss: MarTech Today

Marketing Land’s ‘MarTech Today’ posts are published daily and recap on everything that has happened in the marketing tech space, curating content from their own blog as well as elsewhere on the web.

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