4 Amazing Tactics For SaaS Lead Generation

You know it's essential to be generating leads for your SaaS company, but are you finding it a struggle to work out how you can implement ways of acquiring them? Or do you perhaps feel that you have exhausted all avenues?

We understand the challenges you’re facing, so we’d like to share 4 excellent tactics that could help you to generate some fresh ideas. Read on to learn more about them.

Tactics for SaaS Lead Generation

  1. Gated content
  2. Paid advertising
  3. Live chat
  4. Offer support.

Let's take a look into each of these four tactics in detail.

1. Gated content

A great way to generate leads for your SaaS company is by utilising free trials or webinars as hooks. By letting your prospects access your content through signing up, you can gather information about them that will allow you to follow up in future. Both of these methods are popular within the industry and work well for generating leads that are towards the end of the buyer's journey and have been previously educated on the subject.

Using appropriate CTAs throughout your website and blogs will allow you to direct users from the open content they find on your website to this gated content you have created, that will give you the opportunity of turning them into a lead.

2. Paid advertising

Through the use of Google Ads and the different social media platforms, you can promote content to new and old prospects in order to generate leads or re-engage with your leads to progress and qualify them further.

Google Ads is a great platform to generate leads that are towards the bottom of the funnel. These can either be new prospects or leads you are re-engaging with in order to nurture them with content that is further ahead in the funnel. The content to use for this type of lead generation will be your free trial offer, an invitation to an expert-led consultation, or a prompt to inquire about your services through the use of landing pages aimed at collecting contact data.

LinkedIn, on the other hand, is an excellent platform for attracting new leads through promoting blogs and consideration offers such as whitepapers on how to tackle cyber threats and protect your business. With the typical SaaS buyer persona more likely to be found on this platform, it's perfect for positioning your content in front of them and turning them into a lead through the use of appropriate educational content.

3. Live Chat

Using live chat on Facebook or your website is a great way to capture those who are browsing or purposely wanting to talk to someone about more information. However, you could be thinking, I haven’t implemented this because I don’t have the resources for manning such an operation.

Fear not, this is where the various automated tools like HubSpot’s Chatbot Builder, ManyChat, Botware and Opesta can come into play to make sure you don’t miss out on these potential prospects.

By implementing these tools, you can either point them in the direction of content that would help with their query; or you can simply let them know you are currently unavailable, but if they would like to leave their email address, you will be in touch to help.

4. Offer support

Your ideal buyer is likely to visit forums or networking websites when faced with a question or troubleshooting problem. This is a unique opportunity for your company to get in front of prospects and provide them with educational support that will help them to solve their issue.

In turn, they will perceive you as an expert figure. This creates a positive association and helps them to think of your company as a trusted source that they could potentially turn to for more help in the future –  even in the form of paid services.

If you’re a company that sells software to HR professionals, like Workday, you might want to connect with this target audience on a social networking platform like CiteHR.com. You can identify individuals that are expressing a need for help with influencing business decisions that affect employees by showing them how the data your software provides can assist with this dilemma.

To execute each of these 4 tactics successfully, they need to be applied to an overall inbound marketing strategy where goals, personas and the buyers’ journey have been defined and planned out beforehand, and the role they have is supporting a wider picture of your digital marketing.

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