What is Inbound selling in 2020?

Inbound selling is the process by which your sales team uses inbound tactics to generate new opportunities and close big deals for your business. By utilising a sales model that supports the buyer's journey with helpful and customised prospecting messages, and tailored presentations.

To be clear selling inbound is definitely NOT telesales or cold calling a database list. I started my career on the phones and I can tell you, that the inbound sales process delivers big results and requires a talented sales person.

The concept of inbound sales as a way to take your products and services to market is nothing new. In fact, it has been around for sometime. We even wrote a blog about the new sales methodology back in 2016.

In recent times, the rise of social media, inbound marketing, collaboration software and superfast broadband have really empowered sales people to adopt this sales approach. Whilst business owners are seeing improvements to their bottom line with faster sales conversions and a lower cost per sale.

2020 was already set to see inbound sales continue its growth as a hugely popular sales model for these reasons alone. Due to the ongoing impact of COVID-19 sales reps and buyers have been forced into a new buying journey, and inbound sales as a method might just be the right sales process at the right time for your sales.


"Eversince the pandemic, consumer behavior has changed immensely. People are now

searching for solutions to their problems rather than brand related


Shayan Fatani - Pure VPN


What are inbound and outbound sales tactics?

Inbound sales and outbound sales tactics are both valid methods for sales activities. In fact many inbound sales people do use outbound sales methods as part of their role. The world may be increasingly digital, yet there is always a place for traditional outbound activities. However the increasingly effective inbound approach differs, with inbound sales leaning on the processes and tools utilised within inbound marketing.


Outbound Sales Tactics

Cold Calling

Cold Emails

Direct mail





Inbound Sales Tactics

Social Selling

Virtual events

Community group contributions

Social Networking

Content Marketing


Automated outreach


In 2020 several traditional outbound tactics such as good old fashioned door knocking and exhibitions are heavily restricted, and have been on the decline for some time. Off the table too are networking events.

In fact many of the areas your outside sales rep would normally revel in would appear to be off the table. This will change, but right now there is an opportunity to invest in the inbound skills they are already using. The challenge is not as big as you may fear either. If you consider that nearly 50% of modern outbound sales activity is classified as an inbound tactic already.

Conversely the inside sales rep has been busier than ever. Working closely with their marketing teams to adapt the buyer personas, and content offers to meet the changing attitude and requirement of the buyer. The focus for these offers will be on delivering solutions to the very real problems that the target audience will have an emotional reaction to.

This ongoing development turns inbound sales into a highly adaptive sales process. Another reason why companies across the world continue to adopt the model.


How can you ensure your tactics deliver?

Adapting your tactics as a business can be a stressful time. You're perhaps moving away from a tried and trusted method, possibly through no fault of your own. So, when you do make a change you need to hit the ground running to minimise costly stumbles.

That is why we always start with strategy and planning when helping clients to adopt a new sales model. The SaaS Sales Toolkit helps us to understand the metrics that matter to the process and for our clients desired goals.

But, what do other professionals think you should do to get the results you’re looking for?

"The best tactic for improving your inbound sales in 2020 is to have a tight collaboration between marketing and sales. A long time ago, marketing was all about providing qualified leads to the sales team. Nowadays, marketing is there for every step of the journey, providing materials that push leads one step closer to conversion." Malte Scholz - CEO Airfocus


“Being responsive to potential customers reaching out for your business,

whether in person, calls, or online, is always a big plus in inbound

selling.* Provide them the information they are asking for about the item

they want.”

Willie Greer - The Product Analyst


"Inbound selling in 2020 is all about personalisation, no matter the product or industry. In an era of mass communication, brands that get their personalisation right have a major advantage in selling to their target audience. We achieve this by using email marketing software and segmenting our lists carefully, but there are other ways of personalising your offer. For example, capturing cookies and personalising the offer on your homepage the next time that the visitor is on your website. Basically, being human will be the key to inbound sales in the future."

Dennis Vu - CEO - Ringblaze


What software supports inbound selling?

There are a multitude of solutions available for sales and marketing people that want to generate and convert inbound leads.

Deploying the right solution for your team will help them manage the workload, rather than add to the volume of tools that they will be using.

“Inbound sales will develop with the increased adoption of AI and Automation. Predictive sales rating, automated leads qualification will help streamline the sales process and identify potential customers at different stages of their buying journey.”  David Morneau - Inbeat.co


That's why we recommend HubSpot Sales Pro. With the sales Hub you can take advantage of purpose built tools for delivering sales success. Combined with the personalisation and automation available within the platform, sales people who use HubSpot are able to deliver timely and effective outreach, whilst focussing their efforts on converting deals into wins for your business.

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