Optimise, standardise and revolutionise your RevOps processes

Uncover your roadblocks to growth.

Identify and mitigate risks. 

RevOps services with SpotDev
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Revolutionary Revenue Operations (RevOps)
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In today's ever-evolving business landscape, achieving sustainable growth and maximizing revenue potential have become crucial objectives for organisations across all industries.

That's where RevOps comes in – a transformative approach that harmonises marketing, sales, and customer success teams to create a seamless, customer-centric revenue generation machine. At SpotDev, we understand the paramount importance of RevOps in driving business success and have been using this diagnostic approach for many years, before the RevOps term was even coined.

We are here to help you unleash the true potential of your organisation through our expert RevOps services, supported by the robust capabilities of HubSpot.

Embrace the future of revenue optimisation with us, and witness your business thrive like never before!

Our process and your outcomes


1. Investigate & interview 

Tech stack audit
Identify redundant subscriptions and apps to streamline your tech stack

Storyboard your current processes and customer journeys
Find out what's happening today and why is it not working?

Stakeholder interviews
From CEO to front-line user hear your employees perspectives on blockers
and time draining manual processes

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2. Alignment & sign-off

Create Use Case statements to reflect your needs
See your needs summarised in a statement that can be agreed on by multiple stakeholders

Generate Acceptance Criteria for approved Use Cases
Ensure the solution we plan meets your business needs and fixes pain points


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3. Design & de-risk

Solution and process design
Review fully mapped out solutions and process documentation prior to implementation

Risk analysis
Be informed of potential risks and risk severity prior to implementation

Presentation of solutions and processes 
Our experts will walk you through each solution to get the team buy in you need to make a succcessof your new way of working

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4. Build (Optional)

With your RevOps solution and process designs you'll be equipped to use this as a blueprint for your in-house implementation, or engage SpotDev to do the heavy lifting for you with a custom integration quote.




There are a few variables that will determine the level of financial and operational investment needed to get your RevOps optimised and thriving. Below are some examples. A custom quote is provided after an initial explore call.




Interview & investigate

Alignment & sign-off

Design & de-risk

Single department optimisation




Interview & investigate

Alignment & sign-off

Design & de-risk

Multi department optimisation




Interview & investigate

Alignment & sign-off

Design & de-risk

Full marketing, sales and service optimisation

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Meet your RevOps team

SpotDev's team is 100% based in the UK, so you'll be working with one (or more) of the employees below.

John Kelleher
Founder & Chief Executive
Lucy Seymour
Founder & Chairperson
Jemma Legg
Chief Operating Officer
Kelly Christie
Operations Manager
Richard Tank
Director of Product
Danielle Jacobs
Lead Developer
Stacey Roberts
HubSpot Solutions Strategist
Amy Dixon
Senior Strategist
Angharad Lock
HubSpot Solutions Specialist
Amy Thorne
UI Designer
Brandon Moran
Junior Developer