Rocket Consulting: Our Latest Client Success Story is Here

At SpotDev, we're hugely motivated by the success of our clients –– particularly when we've played a helping hand. Rocket Consulting came to us in 2018, seeking a powerful digital marketing strategy that would propel its SAP supply chain solution to the next level. Rocket's marketing was already on a steady growth trajectory, with Head of Marketing Caroline Macleod at the helm. What they needed, however, was more revenue-generating leads in the pipeline.

In our latest customer case study, we share the vision that Rocket set out for us, and how we went about creating strategic content to rev up their growth potential. Most importantly, we demonstrate how we delivered measurable results.

" It was clear they [SpotDev] understood how to map out our customer journey, and this meant we could deliver valuable content at specific points in the buying cycle."

Caroline Mcleod, Head of Marketing at Rocket Consulting

Without increasing Rocket's ad spend, we were able to boost organic traffic by 84% and total website traffic by 52%. As a result, the forecasted pipeline value tripled.

Ultimately, the increase in revenue has meant that Rocket Consulting can invest more into its business and focus on innovation. The data collected through the company's marketing initiatives has helped to predict the value of sales with greater accuracy and enabled optimisation and consistency in their processes.

It's been three years, and we're incredibly proud of our partnership with the team at Rocket. We continue to collaborate and work hard to deliver results that widen the pool of opportunities for Rocket's SaaS solutions. If you're considering working with us or just want to find out more about what's possible for your business with the right kind of digital marketing strategy, you can find out more about our service here .

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