5 Popular Conversion Rate Optimisation Tools

Unfortunately, driving traffic to your website doesn’t always result in conversions. In fact, in many industries, the standard target conversion rate tends to be around just 2% of the website traffic.

This demonstrates that while driving traffic to a website can be hard work it is even harder to convert it.

This is where conversion rate optimisation (CRO) comes in. It’s a marketing strategy that focuses on tracking, testing and continuously improving a website's performance with the aim of increasing its conversion rate, and it has been given a lot of emphasis in recent years.

Here are five popular CRO tools that can help you achieve higher conversions. (Disclaimer: This post aims to provide a brief overview of the tools and encourages further research).

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Google Analytics Goal Flow

Google Analytics Goal Flow
Any business understands the importance of setting goals in Google Analytics (or any tool for that matter) as they act as KPIs, telling us whether or not we’re meeting those goals.

However, anything that can tell you where your customers are dropping off and not achieving the goals is a good thing, and this is where Google Analytics Goal Flow can be really useful. This feature allows you to isolate issues at any point in your visitors’ conversion paths so you can make educated decisions towards optimising the conversion rate.

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The Kissmetrics homepage
Time is of the essence for any business, which is why the ease of Kissmetrics makes it an attractive tool to use.

Not only can you set up Kissmetrics without having to tackle any code, the tool also integrates easily with apps and platforms you may already be using, including MailChimp and Shopify. In addition, Kissmetrics is able to go a step further and even track anonymous group and individual visits to the website, their conversions and even their lifetime value, thereby giving you a bigger and more in depth picture of your customers.

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The Hotjar dashboard
“Connect all the dots with one powerful solution.”

That’s Hotjar’s motto and that’s exactly what the tool does. With it’s various features, Hotjar is able to look at different elements of your website, analyse how users behave and provide you with that data. For example, using it’s Form Analysis feature you’re able to discover how users are interacting with your forms and identify the reasons why they are abandoning them before completion.

Armed with the information, you can make informed decisions on how to tweak forms to gain optimum results.

Find out more about Hotjar.

Crazy Egg

One of the oldest and most well known CRO tools, not only does Crazy Egg show how visitors are interacting with your website, it is also tracks Flash clips and iframe objects, such as AdSense.

Amongst all of its features, one that really stands out is the Confetti. As well as allowing you to distinguish all of the clicks you receive on your website, Confetti also segments this data by referral source, search term and more. You can dig deep into this information and find out which search terms are leading interest to certain areas of your website.

Find out more about Crazy Egg.


With more businesses investing in apps, Woopra provides real-time customer behaviour information on apps as well as websites. As the customer journey isn’t as linear as it once was — customers rarely make purchases straight away anymore — having a tool that provides an end-to-end customer journey allows you to join all the dots and make informed decisions.

Similar to Kissmetrics, Woopra tracks anonymous website & mobile app users from their first touch until they identify themselves.

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