How to Increase Website Traffic from Google Ads

So you’ve got a website for your business - great! However, have you got a decent level of traffic? Whatever your answer, I’m sure you’d like more. Very rarely (if at all), have I come across any businesses saying ‘no’ to having more traffic. After all, traffic translates to potential business.

There are many ways in which you can increase traffic to your website, including amongst other tactics optimising for search engines (SEO), gaining referral traffic and sending email promotions. However, in this blog I’d like to explore how investing in Google Ads can be a relatively quick way to increase traffic.

Invest more money

Google Ads can increase traffic to websites quickly because you can simply invest more money you put into it, immediately increasing the number of impressions your ads receive.

While it’s true that more money doesn’t necessarily equate to more exposure - other factors play a huge role, too - it’s also important to remember that if your Quality Score is the same as your competitors, outbidding them for the same keywords means Google will be more willing to show your ads over your competitors.

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Expand location targeting

Location Targeting in Google Ads

Google Ads can increase traffic to websites quickly, because you are able to expand on your location targeting by either targeting specific cities or by mile-radius around places. For example, if you provide your service / product in Europe, then you can amend the settings within Google Ads so that your ad appears in European countries. As your ad will be seen in many countries, it increases your chance of driving more traffic.

However, please bear in mind that you don't need to just spend more money or target a larger area to increase traffic — optimising where you're targeting can do the same without spending any more money. You can get quite granular with your location targeting, even excluding specific post codes if for some reason you don't want your ad appearing to those people (and costing you money).

No need to wait for SEO work to kick in

If you’ve invested in search engine optimisation, you’ll know that it’s a long term game, and you won’t rank organically for high volume keywords overnight. However, with Google Ads you can ‘buy’ phrases that you’re not ranking for, therefore attracting relevant traffic quickly that in turn could lead to business.

Following on from the above point, with Google Ads you can turn traffic on and off easily. This can be really useful for more time-specific campaigns, such as a flash sale. 

Using the Search Term report

Search Terms Report

One of the handy functions of Google Ads is that, through its Search Term report, you are able to pick out keywords that are driving traffic to your website.

Sometimes you might not have even thought about these keywords. In this sense, Google Ads can help you think outside of the box in targeting keywords and driving traffic.

As with most tools and strategies, optimising Google Ads to work in your favour is easier said than done. Nonetheless, it’s still a tool that can increase traffic to your website relatively quickly. If you’d like to find out how to craft the perfect Google Ads campaign structure, give this blog a read.

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