How to Increase Sales in B2B

To increase sales for a B2B company, there are many digital tactics you can implement that will (when encompassed within a strategy) help you to create a lead-to-sales conversion machine.

In this blog, we will take a look at 8 different digital tactics you can use to maximise the number of sales you get.

1. Email capture: Throughout your website, you should create opportunities to capture visitors’ details. Once you have this information, you can activate the tactics further discussed in this post. For example, you can invite users to sign up to newsletters, blog updates, gain access to whitepapers, demos or webinars in exchange for providing an email address which will enable you to share the content with them.

2. Email automation to nurture: It’s important to further educate and drive your leads through their buyer's journey by sending them helpful information once you have gained their email address. In this way you can keep in contact with those who aren't ready to buy yet; but when they are, you will still be a brand they think of.

3. Advertising to remarket: When you gain a prospect, you should advertise content that will nudge them along their buyer’s journey and towards taking the next action leading to a sale. There are various channels through which to remarket; however, you should bear in mind which platforms your buyer persona will be most likely to engage with.

4. Qualifying: Create an aligned agreement between your sales and marketing team as to what makes a lead a good fit and sales-ready. Once this is done, you will be able to recognise when a lead is most receptive to being approached by your sales team, or if they need further nurturing because they aren't yet primed for a sales conversation. With this view, you won’t lose prospects who aren’t being contacted at the optimal time, and you won’t scare away the leads who aren’t yet ready for the sales talk.

5. Case studies: Businesses want to know that they can trust the organisation selling to them and that they have a proven track record of service delivery. The best way they can get this is through social proof where other customers explain how your business has helped theirs with the product in question. This creates solid validation of your business’s authenticity for prospective clients.

6. Search bar: When statistics show site searchers are 200% more likely to convert then regular visitors, it means if you don’t have one you’re missing out on providing a vital tool and good user experience to those leads that are already further down the funnel.

7. Video: Using video is becoming increasingly popular, and this is mainly due to how effective this type of content is, with statistics showing 65% of executives who watched a video then went on to visit the brand’s website, and 39% of them called the company. Therefore, if you're not providing an opportunity for prospects to consume content this way you may lose those leads who expect and prefer to watch video when making a purchasing decision.

8. Upselling/ Cross-selling: Making the initial sale creates the perfect opportunity for a second sale. Repeat clients will be more open to purchasing upgrades and add ons to the product they initially bought. For example, if you’re a SaaS company, and a client has bought part of the software you offer that manages their invoices but not the part that manages their time tracking, to cross-sell, you could make them aware these services are complementary to each other, and you can have one software that does it all in one place.

If you want to increase B2B sales, ultimately, it starts at the bottom; you have to gain more leads from the beginning and utilise those leads by looking after them and driving them through their buyer's journey with different tactics. Eventually, this will bring in an increased number of right-fit customers and sales to your business.  

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