Whats the difference between a sales funnel and a click funnel?

Embracing automation in business helps increase efficiency, boost productivity, as well as cut operating costs. Companies that automate their processes always report increased profitability in the long-run. For instance, with a well-laid down sales strategy, you can set up an automatic lead generation system that can keep customers flowing in 24/7. A click funnel is one such solution.


What is a click funnel?

A click funnel is a sales funnel built to nurture customers from the first instance they interact with your brand until they convert. An effective click funnel will net cold clients, warm them up through a series of high-value content, and turn them into enthusiastic hot leads who not only convert but turn into raving fans of your brand.

Setting up a clickfunnel for your B2B SaaS company can get you high-conversion rates even if you have a new business with no solid market footprint.

The secret behind the click funnel's success is that it relies on consumer psychology to drive sales. However excellent your products are, and regardless of how compelling your marketing message is, without employing consumer psychology, you may end up with no conversions.

A click funnel helps map the entire process, incorporating triggers to move the prospect to the next stage until they reach the end of the funnel. This involves processes like getting a lead magnet in front of prospects, putting an irresistible offer on a landing page, warming them further with a sequence of high-value emails, and then remarketing to them through ads.  


Why are funnels great for B2B SaaS companies?

Funnels are a tremendous sales-growth solution for B2B SaaS companies. If you have been recording low sales, then setting up sales funnels will help you get high-quality leads and boost your conversions.

Using a click funnel is convenient in that the entire process is automated. Once you set up the funnel, all you have to do is sit back and wait for the conversions to flow in. It's a powerful marketing solution in that you can rely on analytics to study consumer behaviour and target more prospects with similar behaviour to your converting audience. This is because it integrates with other superior marketing tools that can help you target your most ideal clients and direct them to your landing pages.

It's built based on the knowledge that only 2% of your customers convert on their first website visit. The remaining 98% require further engagement to warm up to your offer and convert. Remarketing helps you keep putting your brand in front of them and inviting them back to your site through valuable content and offers.

If your company banks heavily on demos, free trials, and sign-ups to drive leads, then click funnel can be an excellent solution for high conversion rates.


Is Click Funnels the only way to build a sales funnel?

Click Funnels is a solution dedicated to creating sales funnels. However, you can still build sales funnels on other platforms. In essence, a sales funnel consists of several landing pages that nurture a prospect's interest from the awareness to the conversion stage.

You can set up sales funnels on other platforms that support landing page creation, like WordPress or HubSpot.


Start getting more conversations today!

A click funnel is a great way to automate lead generation and boost conversions. It gives you an edge over your competitors by helping you capture and retain your prospect's interest as you nurture them down the sales funnel. If you rely on demos, free trials, and sign-ups to drive leads for your B2B SaaS company, then setting up a click funnel is an excellent way of boosting your conversions.

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