4 Simple Ways You can Stay Focused at Work

Despite the many tools we use in today's working environment to try and keep on top of our heavy workload, whether it be online ‘to do’ lists or an incredibly organised Google calendar, it is still incredibly easy to find ourselves distracted by even the smallest of things in the office.

Suddenly, the office live chat turns into a riveting debate about what to get for lunch or a team update turns into a catch up on last weekend's antics!

Whatever they are, distractions can lead to a massive 2.1 hours of time being lost every single day at work.

The following tips are just a few ways you can reduce your chance of being distracted and finally start cutting down on that ever growing ‘to do’ list.

A clear desk = a clear mind.

Keep up to date with all your paperwork by using in and out trays, and clearing them at the end of each day. You can also reduce desk distractions by getting rid of some of your office wall décor so there is less to catch your wandering eye.

Time management is key.

Prioritise your tasks to complete them in a logical order making sure each goal is realistic and achievable. Remember, breaks are not fully off limits, just make sure they are scheduled at a time after a productive amount work is done.

Organise your inbox.

Set up folders for different teams, projects and clients in order to keep on track and avoid confusion between tasks. Turn off email alerts to maintain focus - you can always get back to people later. If it's an emergency, they’ll call!

Suspend your social media.

Turn of notifications for social media apps on your phone. We all know that fighting the urge to just keep scrolling down your Facebook news feed can be tough. However, the Snapchat stories of ‘unmissable’ nights out will still be there when you get home and your friends will still be posting selfies on instagram tomorrow - you’re really not missing out on much!

By following these simple guidelines and cutting down on your procrastination tendencies, you’ll find that staying focused at work can be easier than you think.

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