How to Make Your Website Your Strongest Marketing Asset

97% of consumers turn to a search engines when they are buying a product, showing just how much your website could potentially be used when a customer is conducting research about a purchase they will make. So if you are a company that isn’t currently utilising your website this stat alone, is a pretty good reason to show you why it could be your biggest magnet for potential customers.

So how do you use your website to market your business? There are a few things you need to carry out, however it all boils down to utilising content on it properly.

Produce the right type of website content

Having information on your website that will help the customers you are trying to reach with their online research, means you can help adapt to the new style of buying habit consumers are now taking. Ways to project this information on your website would be to make sure you have blog, pillar and question based website pages that answers the problems your buyer personas are facing at each stage of their buyer’s journey

By making sure your blog has content that relates to the different stages of the buyer's journey your personas will go through, will mean that you are providing answers to the questions your buyers are asking. Making your website the source they turn to.

You should also utilise the use of question based website pages, these are important for making sure you are clearly and explicitly addressing the key questions your customers commonly ask. Just think the last time you visited a website, what were the pages you were mostly looking for? Could you find them and did you get annoyed and frustrated when you didn’t? By providing information around FAQ’s, pricing, how the company can help and an example of what it would be like to work with you, you can provided the user with a better experience as you will be answering the most common questions your buyer will be looking for. Therefore this shows how important it is to have this information on your website so that your customers find what the expect from you.

Adding pillar pages to your website will also help utilise your website as a marketing asset by helping to strengthen your SEO and therefore helping your organic ranking and getting you in front of your customers. Pillar pages will do this through containing a lot of information that is based around a topic which links and is related to other blogs on your website this will therefore deem that page as an authoritative page on a certain subject and tell Google that is has high valued content on it.

Utilise your content and website functionality for lead generation

Another way to make sure your website is your strongest marketing asset is through the use of CTAs throughout your website that directs the user to website landing page of a high value piece of content that the user will find useful enough that they will be willing to access the content by filling out a form to leave their details with you.

CTAs can also be used to direct your user to take a desired action and keep them on your website and moving them further along their buying decision.

Make sure the technical mechanics of your website are up to scratch

Making sure your SEO is correct and managed correctly is also another thing that can help make sure your website is a strong marketing asset. Making sure your blogs are focused around keywords and terms that your consumers are using and asking questions around, you will create content on your website your consumers will be actively searching for and therefore have more chance of finding it and you.

User experience is a big thing when it comes to customers staying on your website. You can have the best content on your website but if your customers can’t navigate around it and get to it easily, it will make them frustrated and they will likely give up and look for the content they are after elsewhere. Therefore by making your website user friendly, people will have a good experience with your brand, making them much more likely to want to work with you going forward.

These are all aspects that should fit into a wider marketing strategy and should be considered as a whole that also work alongside a website strategy. By doing this it will make sure you are getting the most out of your website and utilising it efficiently so that it is your biggest marketing asset.

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