Software Explainer Video Vs Product Demo Video

You’ve seen all the statistics surrounding video and how it can help sell software, so you know a video can help you market your SaaS offering. But the question is, what type of video should this be?


There are all different types out there, so the first question is, do you go for a technology explainer video, product demo, or client testimonial to help market your software? You might naturally head straight to a product demo video—after all, you want to demonstrate your software—but explainer videos have started to emerge and, with their subtle approach and focus on education, they are having a big impact on consumers.


The next consideration is the style of video. Should you go for live-action or animation, and does this style affect what type of video you choose to create?


In this blog, we are going to explore the differences between formats and styles in order to give you an insight into why you might choose one over the other.


Differences between a technology explainer video and a technology product demo video

An explainer video should convey which of the consumer’s problems your software solves, and show how they can benefit from using your product. It should give them a quick overview of your product so they understand the concept of your product.


A technology product video is the next step after an explainer video. They understand the concept of the product, and now need to see how your specific solution works, providing them with visual proof of practical features your software offers.


Now we’ve answered the first question, let’s move on.


Differences between live-action and animated

You may think that animation has no place when it comes to a technology video of any description. Cartoons are for kids right, not promoting a corporate software product? Maybe you also doubt that an animated video can fit with your branding.


Alternatively, you might think only explainer videos can be created as live-action and you want animated. Here’s the real difference between an animated technology explainer video and a live-action technology product demo video.


Animated can come in all shapes and sizes. Yes, you can have 2D character animation, but you can also have 3D and 2D motion graphics. It can be used for explainer and product videos and can have a corporate and professional feel to it. Animation is great for explaining software because it isn’t always visually engaging. Your user dashboards might be incredibly useful, but that doesn’t mean they’re interesting to someone who isn’t a customer yet. 


Animation grabs the user’s attention and simplifies the message you are trying to get across. You also have to consider production of the two different options. An animation video is easier logistically compared to a live-action video. You don’t need actors or filming equipment, for example.


Live action uses real objects, people and surroundings, so it isn’t always suitable for abstract concepts (for example, the benefits of your software), unlike tangible products that people can see and touch. 


Cost is a factor, too. Live-action videos are typically more expensive because of the equipment needed and, if something needs re-doing, it’s not a case of editing—it’s a case of we need to shoot it again.


Both animated videos and live action are suitable for different situations, and we can help you to identify the best format for promoting your software solution.


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