How to Generate B2B Leads

At SpotDev, we have developed a growth formula that has been designed to 2x-5x the number of qualified leads you gain from your website.

So if you're a B2B company looking to generate leads, listen up. I am going to explain to you the 9 step process you need to complete in order to generate more leads for your company.


First, it’s time to develop your strategy by addressing these three areas:

  • Vision and goals

You need to stop using vague, unmeasurable targets; identify focused objectives and KPIs to give your company a clear direction. Defining a mission statement and core values will help you create a vision of how you want your customers to see you.

  • Buyer Persona

Instead of targeting anyone and everyone, you need to find who your business’ ideal customer is by studying real data about your market and using it to establish who your customers are through the characteristics they display and their purchasing behaviour.

  • Message

Create a message that supports your prospect along their buyer’s journey by showing them how your business can address the pain points and challenges they have throughout.


Secondly, once you have built your strategy, you can move onto the next stage, building your funnel, which encompasses the following steps:

  • Assets

Changing your content from meaningless jargon to ensuring that it provides valuable and helpful resources to capture the engagement of your visitors. This can be done through utilising content such as ebooks, video, pillar pages that use language that focuses on a solution to the buyer's problems.

  • Lead Capture

Making sure you are utilising the visitors you get by providing new opportunities for them to convert into prospects with the use of CTAs, forms, and landing pages on your website that drive them to give you their details in exchange for valuable information.

  • Qualify

Nurturing your leads from the beginning of their buyer's journey through to the end with the use of email. This will help you warm up those that aren't ready and make sure they are sales-ready when they reach the sales team.


Thirdly, now the foundation is set, and you are looking after those leads you are getting organically you can increase the number of visitors you get through turning on avenues that will drive more traffic to your website.

  • Traffic on demand

Paid traffic will allow you to widen your reach and expand your presence to either new prospects or existing prospects so you can retarget them with new helpful information. This will help you drive more traffic and conversions.

  • Publishing powerhouse

Using content marketing to become a thought leader within the industry will help your company to become the recognised place to turn to when people need answers to their problems and, in turn, become a trusted source of information, always putting your brand at the forefront of their mind when buying.

  • Analyse and review

Reporting on your efforts through reviewing the measurable metrics you set with the tangible data you have received will give you a clear action plan to put into place to optimise and improve what you currently have.

These 3 stages will give you a clear route to lay a foundation to look after your leads and help you generate more. To find out more about generating leads download our ebook below.

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