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HubSpot-Custom-Integration Accreditation

Custom Integration Accreditated

July 2023

SpotDev becomes one of the first HubSpot Partners to receive the Custom Integration Accreditation




What is the typical cost of a CRM integration with SpotDev?

Key factors include whether the integration is native, third-party, middleware or custom. As well as the direction of the data sync and the number of custom objects. Below is a price range SpotDev has provided for varying levels of integrations.

£5,000 - £15,000

What is a realistic timeline for an integration project?

Diagnostic Engagement: 4 weeks

Implementation: From 4 weeks



What is the typical cost of a CRM migration with SpotDev?

There isn’t really a ‘typical’ CRM migration, but the following ranges should help: 

• Data migration: £2,000 to £10,000
• Asset migration: £4,000 to £25,000
• Automation migration: £1,500 to £50,000

What is a realistic timeline for a migration project?

While all migrations are unique and assessed individually below are some example timelines

• Data migration: 1-2 weeks
• Asset migration: 4 weeks +
• Automation migration: 2 weeks +



What is the typical cost of a RevOps engagement?

While all RevOps journeys will have their unique needs and may require a custom price, we have create three packages that cover the usual types of RevOp requests.

• Optimise: £5,000
• Enterprise: £8,000
• Revolutionise: £12,000

What is a realistic timeline for a RevOps project?

• Optimise: 30 days
• Enterprise: 60 days
• Revolutionise: 90 days

Industry & sector experience



We work with financial institutions, fintechs, consultancies and more.

LRG website


Implementing custom objects to house properties, viewing, tenants and much more



Navigate HubSpot for healthcare with one of the industry's most trusted partners 



Help avoid memebership subscription churn with automated processes and membership support

Multi-platform migrations & integrations experience 


Help customers see the benefits of Custom Objects for the perfect Enterprise Hub promotion

Custom Objects

Memberships or subscription businesses

One pager highlighting the benefits of Custom Objects within Service senarios.

Custom Objects

For a sales process

One pager highlighting the benefits of Custom Objects within the sales process. 

Onboarding by SpotDev


How long does HubSpot onboarding take?

Marketing Hub is one of HubSpot most robust and evolved hubs so there is plenty to learn and master during onboarding.

At SpotDev we use an objective-led onboarding process which helps set up your portal exactly as you need it, while training you on how to get the most out of HubSpot functionalities. HubSpot onboarding is a standard 90-day service but, during that time, you will recieve access to the below services and support

Technical set-up
Training sessions
Objective diagnostic and solution mapping (for up to three business objectives)
Support from your dedicated onboarding lead for your 90-day onboarding period
Tailored assessments to confirm understanding and ability


How much does HubSpot onboarding cost with SpotDev?

Sales Hub & Service Hub onboarding starts from £2,000
Marketing Hub starts from £4,000

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