Why should you consider an SEO marketing audit?

Any marketing manager should be considering an SEO audit. An SEO audit empowers you to make better strategic decisions around your Website, Email Marketing, Google Ads and Content Marketing. Think of it like this: typically, marketing managers or directors ask themselves these questions:

  1. "I want more traffic. How do I get more traffic?"
  2. "We're creating the right content, but why is the engagement rate low?"
  3. "Why is my traffic declining?"
  4. "We're not ranking highly enough on Google. Why?"

If you're able to relate to these questions, it's time for an audit. Earlier in the week, myself, James (Marketing Director) and Lucy (Chairperson) jumped on a call to discuss "Why anyone SHOULD consider a marketing audit."

Any Marketing Audit is as much about what you're doing well as what you're not. Think of an SEO audit like an MOT for your car: you can hear something rattling when you're driving over 65mph, there's no indication on the dashboard that anything is wrong...but you just know something is happening that shouldn't. That is exactly what an SEO audit does for your website. It's a deep, under-the-hood investigation into what is already working well on your website — and what may be stopping people from finding it, and then engaging with your business.

The goal of any marketing audit is to give you a clear understanding of where your strengths and weaknesses lie. A marketing audit sets you up for success, ensuring that the investment you're making in your marketing will have it's desired impact. 

A good audit won't generate issues where there aren't: but should give you clarity and confidence. If you're lacking clarity and confidence in your marketing, click here to find out more about how an audit could help. 

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