How To Market Your Technical Solution To Your Buyers

Finding it hard to get your buyers to understand your technical product? Making sure you market it in the right way can help you go a long way in cracking this problem. But how do you make sure you are marketing in the right way?

Considering 80% of consumer internet traffic will come from video in 2019, compared to 64% in 2014, shows how much of an impact video is having and what type of content people are enjoying and looking for currently. A great way to do this would be through the use video, so here are a few things to consider when using this media.

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The language you use and the content information you give

When creating a video it has to have interesting content in it to hold the viewer’s attention  but what should this content be? The most important thing to consider when creating the content for your video is that you think about what information about your technical solution will be useful to your buyers. To find this out you should provide answers to the questions your buyers are asking at the different stages in their buying journey and solutions to the pains they are having at each to. To get the answer across well, put your feet in their shoes and understand what they are doing while researching your product to provide it in a language from their perspective and not from a very well trained ‘techy’ person.

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What type of video should you use?

  • Animated explainers: This is a video that explains a bit about your product in bite sized chunks that are ‘light’ in context so that your prospects can easily and quickly get a overview about your technical solution. These should be short and concise, aim for 30 seconds-2 minutes for best practice.
  • Educational content: This type is more about marketing your technical solution through putting information into a form of a webinar, product demo or tutorial style of a ‘how to’ use your solution to educate your users. These types of videos can be anywhere from 2 minutes to an 1 hour, however depending on the content you only really want to show what is relevant and keep it only as long as it needs to be.
  • Client Testimonials: This is important to show how your technical solution worked for another company and therefore can paint the image clearer for your target buyer to see how it could work for them. Also stats show reviews and testimonials are a big influence in a buyer’s purchase decision in today's market. You should aim to keep these around the 2 minute mark when producing this type of video.
  • Animated infographics: Turn your infographics into an animation to put a spin on the classic. This will present the technical facts, stats and figures in a more fun, engaging and entertaining way. This could be a 60 second clip in the format of slide-by-slide ‘interactive’ visual that takes what you would put into a normal infographic.

So how can you make the most of these videos to market your technical solution most efficiently? Through utilizing these videos on your landing pages you could increase your conversion rate by a huge 80% and by using the term video in email subjects, open rate is boosted by 19%, showing just how important this medium is to your marketing strategy.

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