Check Out Our Ultimate Guide To Identifying Buyer Personas

You’re doing all the right things. You’re publishing content regularly on your blog, posting to your social media platforms often and engaging with the industry - and yet, for some reason, it’s falling flat and failing to resonate with your audience.

A lot of the businesses we speak to about their digital marketing tell us they’re having this problem, and more often than not it’s because they’re not targeting their content at the right people.

This is where customer segmentation and buyer personas come in.

A buyer persona is a semi-fictitious representation of a segment of your target market who have certain characteristics in common, such as job role, goals and challenges.

By analysing your customer base and defining a clear set of buyer personas, you can tailor content to appeal to each customer segment, increasing the likelihood they will positively engage with it.

To help you understand buyer personas in more depth and to assist in creating Buyer Personas for your company, we’ve written The Ultimate Guide To Identifying  Buyer Personas.

The guide, which is available below, shows you:

  • what customer segmentation is;
  • the vital benefits of using buyer personas;
  • how to research and build your buyer personas, as well as what information should be included;
  • what 'Negative' personas are and why you need them.

Access the Ultimate Guide to Identifying Buyer Personas and start on the road to producing effective, targeted content that delivers real results.

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