You Can Now Bookmark Your Favourite Posts on Instagram

Instagram has become like a life catalogue. It’s a place where you can find fashion tips, interior design goals, gift ideas, makeup tutorials — even workout videos.

Before now the only way to really keep track of these posts was to like them, however only a limited amount of posts you have ‘liked’ are stored. The only other option was to screenshot.

Instagram however has come to the rescue and now allows you to bookmark posts, saving you endless space on your mobile device from screenshotting your favourite products, style inspiration or quotes.

Instagram photo
Saving posts that you want to view again is a great benefit to marketers because it allows customers to use Instagram almost like a simplified Pinterest board, to identify something they like and revisit it again.

To save the post you just hit the little bookmark icon which has appeared in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. To access these saved posts just click onto the right hand bookmark tab above on your profile page above your own posts.

Bookmarked photos
How can we capitalise on this change? Why not suggest to your audience that they can save this post and refer back to it later. By offering handy tutorials you can get people coming back to the post and exploring your profile. By offering something invaluable that customers can refer to over and over means they will be more receptive to receiving promotional posts from you in the future, and with the recent timeline update, making sure they come to you rather than stumbling across you is even more important.

This update is being rolled out now, but you should try updating your device if you are not yet seeing it.

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