Basic to Bespoke SaaS Explainer Video Cost Expectations

Deciding to create an explainer video for your software product is a fantastic idea. When it comes to generating and converting leads, visual storytelling is a powerful tool to use throughout your sales funnel.

You know that your software is awesome, but your target audience might not be as enthusiastic about engaging in lengthy technical conversation. That’s why an informative, creative, high-quality video gets your message out – loud and clear.  

Naturally, your budget will largely determine exactly what kind of video you end up with. It’s important to remember, however, that you are investing in what should be evergreen content. 

Explainer videos are the gift that keeps giving back in terms of ROI. 


Examples of how you can use your explainer video:

  • On your homepage, immediately engaging visitors.
  • Sharing on social media. 
  • In your advertising campaigns. 
  • Empower your sales staff with a compelling visual piece of content for sales presentations. 
  • Send to prospective clients, quickly and easily. 
  • Use in the onboarding process for new employees.

What will affect the cost of your explainer video?

Creating bespoke explainer videos requires time, resources and expertise. Sure, there are various ways that you could knock up a generic, budget explainer video. 

But is that really going to do you any favours?

Your audience’s attention span is actively diminishing. There are so many other businesses and distractions vying for their attention that you only have a limited window of opportunity to attract and engage them. To give yourself a fighting chance, you really have to put your best foot forward. So set a decent budget aside for your video project – you won’t regret it. 


The key elements that affect the cost:

  • Scripting
  • Your desired filming or animation medium
  • Background music and/or audio engineering
  • Professional voice over artist
  • The length of the video
  • The number of amends you’d like to make

You’re selling a unique product; therefore, your video has to emphasise how your software is distinguishable from competitors and how it addresses your customer’s needs. To get the most ROI out of your explainer video, we advise that you partner up with an agency that has experience in creating content for SaaS. This will help to make the conceptualisation and storyboarding process smoother and more accurately aligned with what you envision for your business, saving your time and money and reducing the number of amends you’ll need to make. 

Whether you’re on a tight budget or you’re keen to have a super customised explainer video to boast about on your social media, SpotDev’s team of experts can help you to make all your video dreams come true. We provide two packages that cover all the essentials as well as a bespoke option to further tailor your SaaS explainer video. 


Basic Animation

Cost:  £3000

Our basic animation package includes all the important stuff. 

We will create a 1 minute, 2D motion graphic video – ready to share on your website, social media platforms and during your sales pitch process. 

We’ll collaborate with you in order to develop a concise and effective script. We’ll then use a voice over artist that fits the style and theme of your video to bring the words to life. Or, if you have your own silver-tongued superstar, we can record them reading the script instead.  

You want some upbeat music in the background? No problem, we will source the perfect background music for your explainer video. 

We really want to get this right for you. That’s why we offer two style frames and two rounds of amends to make sure that we tweak and fix any niggles so that you end up with a fantastic lead generating tool. 


Enhanced Animation

Cost: £5000

This is a popular choice for clients that want to give their video that extra little bit of personality. We’re still sticking to the very popular and successful 1-minute time limit, but we will use advanced 2D motion graphics and can even create your very own character animation. You’ll get an expertly crafted script, a professional voice over artist, three style frames, music and two rounds of amends. 

Visit our website to have a more in-depth look at our video offering as well as examples of both packages listed above. 


Bespoke Explainer Video

Hey, we’re all about vision. And if you have some big ideas you’d like to bring to life such as 3D animation or series of education videos, we’re all aboard. As you can see, we’re pretty transparent with our pricing, so quoting for a bespoke job simply comes down to a conversation and a clear concept of what you want. If you’d like to discuss your plans with us and get a better idea of what it would cost, contact us here. We’d love to help your business get its message out to the world exactly how you envision it. 


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