Get online for Google’s Grow Local

On Monday 23rd February Klood will be launching a live streamed Google session focused on helping people grow businesses online. The session will be jointly delivered by Google and Klood’s best digital brains. It’s a fantastic chance to get some insight into how to make the online world work for you when it comes to developing a business in the digital sphere. The event is called the ‘Grow Local Meetup’ and kicks off at 17:00.

On the agenda:

Google Livestream

Tackling the most pressing current issue: how to stand out online.

This presentation will look at how to get noticed in an increasingly crowded digital market place. Specific examples will come from UK and Ireland organisations that have successfully used online activity to widen out their market share and attract more customers.

Be found on Search and Mobile

Mobile has by no means peaked – 2015 will see it continue to be central to digital marketing. During this presentation you’ll get some exclusive insight provided by Google experts – based on their insider information – looking at why mobile, such as smart phones and tablets, is the platform to be discovered on if you want to grow your business.

Klood Presentation

Stand above the noise

Klood CEO Vivion Cox will conclude proceedings with a presentation examining the modern digital world, how it has changed over the past couple of years and what you can do to get yourself found and get ahead of your competitors.

Our team of seasoned experts will be at the session to answer questions and give you advice on what you specifically can do to help boost your own business’ prospects this year.

Sign up for the session here or email us at for more information.

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