HubSpot adds support for Google's Consent Mode

HubSpot adds support for Google's Consent Mode

As of March 2024, HubSpot's Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics integrations now fully support Google's updated Consent Mode, ensuring businesses targeting EEA/EU/UK audiences stay compliant with the latest consent management practices.

This update allows you to maintain the effectiveness of your Google Ad campaigns, personalisation, and remarketing efforts by adjusting Google tags based on website visitor consent.

With HubSpot's integration, managing consent preferences becomes straightforward, safeguarding your marketing strategies against measurement loss. This enhancement is available across all HubSpot hubs and tiers, reinforcing the platform's commitment to privacy and compliance.

HubSpot now supports Google's Consent Mode

If you'd like help from a 100% UK-based team when setting up Consent Mode in your HubSpot portal, then you can explore SpotDev's Support Block service.

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