Turning Traffic Into Conversions With Your Website Content

Ok, so you know they’re there, you can see them on your activity reports. Hundreds of commuters, stuck in their hypothetical cars, trying to get to destination Your Product. They’ve come directly to your website or found you through a search engine; you know these folks are definitely thinking about buying from you. So why aren’t you making any money?

5 up-front suggestions:

  1. You’re all sales talk – and it’s drab and transparent. Time to change the record.
  2. There’s no one there to say, ‘Hi, we get you. We’re human too. And if there aren’t any homosepiens available to answer your questions, we’ve designed this super helpful chatbot who’s going to get you all the info you need.”
  3. You’re not strategically evaluating the success of your social media campaigns. Are people engaging with you, or are you just there for the social media street cred?
  4. Your pages are so early 2000’s. It’s time for an overhaul and a fresh pair of eyes.
  5. Your content is just content for content’s sake. What is the value and relevance of your blog posts, videos and images?  

You’re probably thinking, Whoa, SpotDev team, that was a bit harsh!

Well, sometimes, the truth hurts – and this brings us to our next point: emotions. People are more likely to make a decision based on their feelings, rather than just undiluted logic. So is there something on your website that is helping your customer to really get the feels for Your Product?


It’s just a click away

Research shows that a well-built and efficiently implemented content marketing strategy really is the future of building website traffic conversion. So, here’s what you can do to make sure your content is on point and your traffic is funnelling in the right direction.

  1. Remember, your customer has pain points. Don’t crowd them with sales talk; instead, make sure your content offers solutions that incorporate not only what you’re selling, but also how it’s going to address that customer’s needs.
  2. We usually know who our guests are before we invite them to dinner. Once your customer is on your website, make sure you are channelling the right content aimed at their specific customer persona. To enable you to do this you first have to spend some time identifying your primary buyer personas. Fortunately we’ve written an eBook all about doing just that — check it out here.
  3. Make sure the content in your social media campaigns is getting the reactions you are aiming for. Are you targeting your niche by sharing pictures of your latest crochet masterpiece when your business sells automobile spares?
  4. Get the experts in. The web is an increasingly competitive marketplace; if your website and content are not standing out, you are significantly limiting your chances of success. Polish up your pages, make sure your call-to-action buttons are effective and well-balanced throughout. Get rid of excess links that divert traffic away from your website and cut out low-quality pages – Google really doesn’t like those.
  5. This one’s kind of like point three, but pointier. Sharing the occasional cat meme is not going to hurt anyone – heck, it might cheer up a customer who’s had a rough day. But continuously publishing irrelevant blog articles that don’t educate, inform or align with your business’ message, is just pointless – and the guy you hired (see point 4 above) should be able to get you on the right track with that.

But, hey, if you haven’t found your guy (or girl) yet, drop us a line. SpotDev has a friendly, straight talking team, ready to take your marketing content strategy to the next level.

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