Why A HubSpot integration Will Help Your Business Grow

The idea of having to integrate another piece of software can be off-putting and seem like a lot of unnecessary work if you feel like everything is currently working fine the way that it is. Old habits die hard, but all the spreadsheets in the world can’t save your business from an inevitable loss in productivity.

HubSpot is a fantastic tool to integrate into your business because it does a large variety of tasks so well; it’s easy to use regardless of the user's technical level of skills. From sales to marketing, to web development, a HubSpot integration can aid productivity and give you total visibility of the activities taking place in your business.

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest benefits of integrating HubSpot into your marketing stack.


CRM automation

Getting salespeople to enter their data into the CRM manually is a challenge. They’re out on the road a lot and their time is limited, but you still need to see everything they’re discussing so you can build a pipeline. HubSpot automates this process by tracking emails, call and prospect behaviour. Your sales team can spend more time closing deals and less time filling out ‘paperwork’, and you can see the status of all prospects at the click of a button.


Data sync

One of the most common fears that occurs to anyone considering a new software integration is data loss when syncing. HubSpot puts your mind to rest by making this process as simple and easy as possible and can pull data across with ease and help you find it again.

Once the data is in HubSpot, it will be easy to comprehend and for your staff to find and organise what they need. It’s even possible to pre-emptively create new fields in HubSpot for any niche data to be captured in.


Easy-to-use interface

Many CRM and/or marketing platforms can be difficult to navigate, have a poor layout, have hidden or locked sections, make it challenging to pull reports from or are generally just too complex for the usual user.

HubSpot has created an interface for everyone, that’s simple yet can be personalised to your needs. It’s easy for anyone to learn and quickly incorporate into their routine.


eCommerce compatibility

Tools such as Shopify and Magento are the industry standard for almost all eCommerce business, and so HubSpot understands that you need data to flow freely and flawlessly between all your platforms.

Sync and segment your products, customers and deals and collect data which you can use to understand trends and build an impactful marketing strategy. Once this data is in place, you can start automating and personalising the tools HubSpot put at your disposal, such as abandoned cart features, smart CTAs and much much more.


Different packages to support your needs

One of the many great things about HubSpot is that there are different packages to accommodate your needs You don’t have to pay for what you don’t use. There’s even a free version that gets you on board with the key CRM features and basic marketing tools.

SpotDev can help you find a HubSpot package that best suits your needs, or even help you trial it too see if it’s a good fit for your business.

If you’re interested in learning more about a HubSpot integration, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our team at SpotDev has experience in integrating HubSpot with a variety of different platforms and can advise and perform a custom install that doesn’t disrupt your business.

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