How to Optimise your New Twitter Header

Twitter finally jumped on the bandwagon last week and introduced the option to personalise your main profile with your own large image. This is the first design change that Twitter has made in a while, and means that your profile will now look different to what you have been used to. The CEO of Twitter also announced that they have updated the profile layout, which will now feature a more user-friendly interface.

The top right of your profile has the option to change to a large image called a header. This features your profile picture, name, Twitter name, biography, location and website address – similar to Facebook & Google+.

Make sure that your business is up-to-date on Twitter and change your header; if you need a hand with creating a new design, contact the team at Klood -

Follow our easy tutorial to walk you through each step of creating the new header.

How to create your header

1. Login: Before you can set your header you will need to login to twitter. After doing so you will then need to click on settings in the right hand corner.

2. Design: You will then need to click on ‘Design’. This should be located on the left-hand side. After doing so you will then have to scroll down until you see ‘Customise Your Own’.

3. Change Header: In the ‘customize your own’ section you will find the option to change header. After selecting this option you will be prompted to upload an image which will act as your header.

4. Choose an Image: Your picture will end up being shrunk to 520×260, so it is not essential to upload a huge picture, however Twitter does recommend using an image that is 1200X600. After selecting your image, Twitter will give you the option to resize your image to ensure it is perfectly focused before it is submitted as your header. Bear in mind that the text will be white so you will need to select a suitable image.

5. Save: The last step is to ‘Save Changes’. This will finalise your header choice and save it to your profile.

Please note that unfortunately not all users have currently been upgraded but this process is occurring systematically, and will be available to all users shortly.

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