How much HubSpot experience do I need to work with SpotDev?

HubSpot is a powerful platform that supports every stage of a business’ long-term growth strategy: from monitoring sales pipelines and ensuring client delight, to managing entire inbound marketing campaigns and reporting on them. 

With a wealth of automation and CRM tools, it can be difficult to know how to best make use of the CRM - even for seasoned marketing professionals. As a Diamond HubSpot Partner agency, we support a wide range of businesses across multiple sectors - B2B, SaaS, eCommerce - and with a range of HubSpot packages, such as the free platform, HubSpot Enterprise and Professional.

Our job, as your HubSpot consultancy, is to help you develop the best growth strategy for your business and implement it. We help you tackle the obstacles derailing your growth, and show your team what to focus on first. 

No matter what experience you and your team have with HubSpot, our team of inbound marketing experts can help you. But how much HubSpot experience do you need yourself? It's a question we are often asked. Read on to learn more about the types of clients we work with, how we support them, and what you can expect from partnering with SpotDev.

How much HubSpot experience do I need to work with SpotDev?

This is a valid question. The short answer is: as much as you have. 

Perhaps you have just begun using HubSpot, or maybe you are set to roll out your next inbound marketing campaign with complicated workflows. With HubSpot being such a comprehensive marketing and CRM tool, there’s no denying that time is required to make best use of it. 

At SpotDev, we typically work with three types of clients:

  • Beginners, or those new to HubSpot, inbound marketing, or both
  • Intermediate, or those who are HubSpot proficient
  • Expert, or those who are HubSpot experienced. 

The nature and scope of our retainers with these clients are bespoke - tailored to the needs and understanding of each team. 


HubSpot beginners are business executives or stakeholders with little or no experience with HubSpot, or its capabilities. We begin these relationships by providing guidance on HubSpot set-up best practices, including tasks that need to be executed in your portal. 

Typically, these clients may not know exactly what they want to get out of HubSpot, or how to make the most of it. SpotDev's role is to offer the necessary guidance and advice to enable you to learn the intricacies of your HubSpot portal and make the most of it for the benefit of your business. 


Intermediate clients are those who are a bit HubSpot savvy: you fall into this category if you already know what you want to do to steer your company to the next level with the platform. You're familiar with marketing automation, and you know how to achieve your growth objectives. You may have a specific target in place and the timelines for achieving it. 

However, one of your challenges might be a lack of HubSpot knowledge that's needed to make your vision happen. If that's the case, then SpotDev steps in to provide the much-needed HubSpot consultancy. This may include improving your existing CRM and CMS setups to ensure you're using the HubSpot platform as effectively as possible.


The last category of clients we work with is those who are very experienced in HubSpot solutions. If you are a regular HubSpot user and are accomplished in HubSpot’s broad range of capabilities, you likely fall into this category.

SpotDev's role with this client is primarily consultative: we will offer insights into the best, most-innovative ways to accomplish tasks. We also help with custom and specialised HubSpot development work.

Does SpotDev expect clients to take HubSpot certifications?

One of HubSpot's resources is the HubSpot Academy. It is a valuable and essential resource for clients interested in delving deeper into inbound marketing concepts. HubSpot Academy offers tonnes of lessons, inbound principles, and training videos with various certifications. There are further options for free HubSpot training such as:

  • HubSpot User Groups (HUGs): Features one topic at a time with valuable input by HubSpot professionals.
  • HubSpot Bootcamps: Ideal for beginners looking to get started on the platform, it's more of a free starter pack that runs for four weeks per cohort.
  • HubSpot Community: Valuable online resources on all things HubSpot. Tonnes of valuable insights are shared within this community, and anyone is free to post a query on new topics and gain helpful responses.

We work with clients of various experience levels. No matter your level, we highly recommend taking these free HubSpot training sessions and encourage you to learn as much about the HubSpot portal as possible for individual and business growth. 

Bespoke HubSpot & inbound training

Beyond the HubSpot Academy, SpotDev offers all of our clients bespoke portal and inbound training. 

SpotDev’s HubSpot training differs from HubSpot’s own certifications because, whilst helpful, HubSpot’s certifications are generalist, a little time-consuming for the busy and already-competent marketing manager, and are not updated at the same pace as the actual platform and its capabilities. The Academy training is excellent for initial understanding, but certainly not granular enough for most.

Our custom training aims to teach you how to use the HubSpot portal for the success of your business. We include on-demand tutorial videos, which can be customised and distributed to your team to meet your business needs. We can plan workshops with your team to help train them up, and follow up with personalised documentation to record the learning and help you distribute it across your business.

As a HubSpot consultancy, our primary focus is empowering all of our clients to be able to use HubSpot to its fullest potential. So, if you are looking for an expert HubSpot consultancy to help you improve your marketing efforts, get in touch with SpotDev today.

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