How to Build an Inbound Marketing Team in 2020

When it comes to building a successful inbound marketing team you should consider the skills that are required to create a strong inbound strategy and make sure you have all the bases covered.

As inbound marketing is all about creating the right content, for the right person, at the right time, copywriting, analytics, web design, SEO and project management are just a few of the skills needed to help get the most out of your content. So how should you start?

Who should be in an inbound marketing team?

1. The Leader

2. The Writer

3. The SEO

4. The Web Developer

5. The Analyst

The leader

The first member of your inbound team should be someone who you can trust to lead it. The ideal person will have an entrepreneurial spirit and be highly intelligent, but most importantly will have the skills to lead others. Most of this person’s role will be to manage the team, but also be willing to jump in when it comes to carrying out the inbound strategy for the company.

The writer

Next, you should go on to think about hiring a great writer. This will be someone who will be able to take responsibility for growing the website’s traffic and lead generation through content such as blogs, landing pages and social media. Your writer will also need to create appealing gated content, such as eBooks and whitepapers, that users will only be able to access after filling out a contact form before.


Then, you should consider finding someone who has a passion for all things SEO. After all, there’s no point creating great content if you don’t know how to optimise it correctly!

Try and find someone with a couple years’ of experience within the industry, including onpage and offpage (linkbuilding) SEO knowledge.

The web dev

You should also includea website expert who will be able to handle all of the website design or development tasks that will come up. 

If you are able to find someone who has experience in both design and development you are onto a winner! However, a design and development website expert can be hard to come by, so just consider what is more important to your business’ goals if you need to compromise.

The analyst

No inbound marketing team would be complete without an analytics buff who will be able to analyse data to drive decisions, help track progress, set goals and forecast.

Once you have found someone for each of these roles, you will be set to maximise all aspects of inbound marketing to get the most out of your efforts.

If you have the capacity to grow your team a little further, we would recommend finding a creative who can produce imaginative pieces of content that you may not of even thought of.

By building a team whose strengths lie in each area of inbound marketing you will be able to all focus on the areas you are most passionate about, which will only make your whole strategy that much more appealing to your desired audience.

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