Preference management for Leaders Romans Group

Leaders Romans Group is a family of estate agents based in the UK. As a group of companies, they have a number of complex needs surrounding management of multiple brands. 

In particular, they need an advanced email subscription management system that automatically detects the brands a user is subscribed to and then dynamically sends them to the appropriately branded subscription centre. 

On top of this, their customers can often just pop into one of their many stores and ask that they be removed from a mailing list. The Data Protection Act and GDPR requires that this request is honoured... but the people in the store often have no control over the marketing platform used by the central organisation. 

Leaders Romans Group approached SpotDev to solve this problem. 

To start with, we worked with their marketing team and HubSpot to remove their portal from the advanced email subscription management features HubSpot provides. Why? Because those features simply weren't advanced enough. From there, we built a fully customised email subscription management system in their HubSpot portal and created a custom email template that altered branding in the email based on the user's existing subscriptions. 

Building on that functionality, we created a lookup process for the newly customised email subscription management pages. Using a combination of CSS, query parameters, HubL and JavaScript, we were able to create a system that seamlessly met both the needs of the user and the client's business. 

Finally, we solved the issue of people arriving in store with an unsubscribe request by building a unique, self-hosted form that allows representatives to automatically unsubscribe anyone from the database without needing to have access to HubSpot itself. 

This combination of advanced features allows Leaders Romans Group to get significant additional value from the HubSpot platform that simply wouldn't be possible without sophisticated development work. 

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