5 Brand Responses on Social Media that were On-point

With the ever growing dominance of social media, and the fact people feel the constant need to update each other on their every move via Twitter and Facebook, companies simply cannot escape constant comments, complaints and sometimes downright abuse from customers.

However, it is how a company deals with these online remarks that really makes a significant difference to how consumers view their brand! Making the most of these opportunities and turning them into clever marketing ploys is what separates the social masterminds from the pretenders.

Snagging a supermarket bargain often leads to social media show-offs posting about all their latest purchases. Recently, a self proclaimed ‘King of the yellow stickers’ was put in place by Tesco after dramatically broadcasting his achievements on their Facebook page.



In the past Sainsbury's have dealt with similar supermarket shenanigans, managing to keep up when a keen pun enthusiast piped up on Twitter. Their comedic exchange went on for 12 tweets!


But it’s not just supermarkets who have all the fun. Sometimes it’s as simple as making a connection with the customer, and Argos were more than happy to show us how when a customer just couldn’t wait any longer for the coveted PlayStation 4.


Sometimes companies have to get pretty technical just to prove their point to customers who broadcast inaccurate information. Luckily SmartCar did the maths!


Despite the usual friendly banter we see online, sometimes customers get just plain vulgar, but what seems like a branding disaster is actually easily resolved. As O2 showed us, the best thing to do is to respond as politely as possible.


The key thing to remember about dealing with customers on social is that you will often see better outcomes the quicker you reply. By injecting some humour (only when it's appropriate of course) you can also help to smooth things over - but only if you've demonstrated an intent to solve the customer's problem!

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