Google Rolls out New Mobile Algorithm Update

Google has unleashed a new mobile-friendly algorithm. In April 2015 the first mobile algorithm was rolled out and urged website owners to ensure their website was mobile-friendly, and optimise their website’s for the vast, growing number of mobile users around the world - or face a drop in visibility on Google.

The 2015 update saw little impact compared to what people were expecting, and early rumours suggest this update will have even less effect, so if you are already optimised for mobile you will not be impacted negatively, but you could see fluctuations in rankings. The new mobile algorithm is a page-by-page signal as well, so depending on how fast Google crawls and indexes pages on your website it could be some time before seeing any changes.

With the development of mobile and tablet technology, and the increasing number of people using such devices Google wants people to get the best user experience possible. Those who have not optimised for mobile should expect to see a decrease in rankings and a drop in traffic from mobile devices.

To check if your website is mobile friendly you can use Googles very own Mobile Friendly Test.

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