6 Top Explainer Videos

78% of people watch video every week - and no, not all of those are of cats.

Cat related or otherwise, people retain 95% of a message if it’s in video form compared to only 10% from a written article - and there must be a reason for that. With video being worth 1.8 million words, video can put across your value proposition in as little as 15 seconds - enough time to hook your audience and leave them wanting more.

Explainer Videos are a great way to get your message across to your audience, in a far more engaging and informative way than having them trawl through endless articles that don’t quite give them the answer they were hoping for. One thing to consider - If you need an explainer video, the chances are that your product/services’ benefits aren’t immediately obvious. Providing a solution to your customers’ aches and pains will allow them to better understand your product or service by showing how it can benefit them, rather than just by telling them.

Without further adieu, here’s a list of our top explainer videos we think are brilliant at showcasing how videos can be used;

Dollar Shave Club  This video isn’t shy of creativity. But among all the madness, there’s a heavy emphasis on it’s value proposition.

MuleSoft Explainer videos don’t just have to be fun and extravagant to get you informed, though. This video breaks down the concept of API to give you a visual restaurant analogy to better explain what it actually is.

Unroll.Me Unroll.Me uses testimonials to draw on the challenges faced by workers and their unwanted emails. The video then shows the same group of people using the app - which they only have rave reviews for. Tapping into user experience from real people, video has allowed the company to convey more than a simple problem/solution dialogue.

Amazon Demonstrating something pioneering is often daunting - you’re unlikely to anticipate your audience’s reaction to something that is completely new to them. However, Amazon have commendably executed their explainer video on Amazon Go clearly and concisely.

Notarize Notarize play on amusement to draw in people’s attention; it’s lightheartedness transcends over to the message they want to put across - that their product is exactly that, fun.

HubSpot By resonating with your audience, you can better position yourself as a thought-leader more so with a video, than any written word could articulate. HubSpot do this particularly well with this explainer video; how the marketing funnel works for their customer.

Having seen these videos, you’ve seen how explainer videos can really help bring a product to life, and how they don’t just have to be a simple demonstration of a product. Perhaps you’re even thinking about how you could use an explainer video to promote your products and services. If you are, have a look at our video calculator to see just how affordable an explainer video can be!

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