How to track visitors to your website that have not yet converted on a form.

How to see who has visited your website, even if you do not have their contact details in HubSpot

The following knowledge base article will explain how you can use the HubSpot tracking code to detect an IP address that has a view of one of your web pages. HubSpot surfaces publicly available information about the company associated with the visitor's IP address so you can learn more about the visitors to your site

This is done through the Prospects Analytics Tool.


Track unknown visitors on your website: 

  1. On the top HubSpot menu click on "Reports" and then "Analytics Tools".
  2. At the bottom tabs click on "Prospects".
  3. You can now see the associated company and domain of the IP address that visited your website.
  4. You can see how many people linked to that IP address visited your website, as well as how many web pages they viewed.


For more information on how to use the Prospects Analytics Tool in HubSpot, click here:

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