How much does HubSpot onboarding cost?

As we outlined in our post How Much Does HubSpot cost? With HubSpot Free, you don’t need to pay for onboarding. This is also true of HubSpot Starter. But for customers purchasing HubSpot Marketing Pro, or HubSpot Marketing Enterprise edition, you will need to pay an onboarding fee to get you up and running. Onboarding is a process that takes 90 days in total, whoever provides the support. You can either purchase onboarding from HubSpot direct, or from a HubSpot partner like us. It is significantly better value to purchase onboarding from a partner, and HubSpot itself actively encourages customers to look to partners for onboarding support. Onboarding with HubSpot starts at £2,450 for Marketing Pro, rising to £4,900 for Marketing Enterprise, so you will be paying a premium to purchase onboarding direct.

Rates for onboarding vary from partner to partner. You can find ours, with a bulleted breakdown of what the service includes here.

In brief, our onboarding package breaks down as:

Two days of dedicated support at £600+VAT, followed by 12 weekly calls charged at £75+VAT per hour each. Further support is then billed on an hourly rate, as required.

This package is our most popular route for customers wanting to onboard, but we do offer add-on extras where customers need them, and we can be flexible to your needs.

As a HubSpot Diamond partner, ESM Inbound is expert at delivering HubSpot marketing solutions, and we’re experts in onboarding clients to the platform too. As a result, we offer our customers two services for the price of one: outsourced marketing, and expert IT support and onboarding. It was for this reason that we switched from being a generic marketing agency to a HubSpot-specific one. When we worked with clients using other CMS, CRM and marketing automation systems, we would find ourselves needing to charge far more for the extra time spent customising CMS functions to do the things HubSpot already had automated.

Integrating HubSpot With Existing CMS and CRMs

Our onboarding approach can be customised to integrate with aspects of your existing CMS. So if you aren’t fully HubSpot based, you can rest assured we can manage the integration without friction. If you have a Salesforce CRM, you can still purchase the HubSpot Marketing Hub, and we’ll ensure it takes care of all your marketing automation, communicating seamlessly with your Salesforce CRM.

The integration between HubSpot and most other CRMs is rock solid, as is its integration with a wide range of other popular business apps. A full list of the apps HubSpot supports can be found here. The best way to explain this integration is to think of HubSpot as the hub around which all your other business apps constellate. Effectively, they all plug into HubSpot. Admittedly there are some notable exceptions to the smooth functioning (Zapier middleware is one that springs to mind) but for the most part, the integration is impressively smooth. It is important to note that some of these integrations with external apps only work at the higher levels of HubSpot subscription. Those accessing the free package, for example, don’t benefit from them.

Support That Delivers More

Whatever package you purchase, with ESM Inbound’s HubSpot onboarding, you get walked through every step of the process. We have refined our support over the three years we have been working with HubSpot, and have it down to a fine art.

You get a dedicated consultant to support you through the training and provide ongoing support as you learn the ropes. Our in-house HubSpot experts take care of your technical set up, and our daily training webinars will walk you through HubSpot’s features and functions, showing you how to get the best out of them. In addition to this, a weekly interactive call with a dedicated consultant that your whole team is welcome to join ensures that any burning questions can be answered.

We have onboarded everyone from international pharmaceutical companies with thousands of employees all the way down to one-person companies taking their first steps into marketing automation.

If you want to know more about onboarding, download a copy of our onboarding workbook. If you have questions about whether HubSpot onboarding from ESM Inbound might work for you, contact us here.


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