How To Define Buyer Personas And Create Relevant Content

Before you start publishing content on your website, you need to carve out your buyer personas. At first you might exclaim “That’s easy! We sell to CEOs and HR managers!”, but a persona is so much more than a job title.

So what do you need to consider when defining buyer personas? We’ve put together a list of points to make when building yours:

 Job Title

    • Yes, we know we just said that a persona is more than a job title, but that doesn’t mean their job title isn’t important to your targeting.
    • What tasks do they perform as part of their role in this business?

 Company Details (if applicable)

    • Are they part of a big corporate company and restricted by a chain of process? Or are they part of a smaller business and have their own budget and autonomy?
    • Who do they report to?
    • Who reports to them?
    • Who may influence their decision?

 Age and Gender

    • Is there a typical age group or gender this persona typically falls into?


    • Salary
    • Education
    • Class
    • Location
    • How do they spend?
    • How and when do they consume media?
    • What are their values?

 Pains and Goals

    • What are their pains in relation to your product?
    • What are their goals in relation to your product?
    • What challenges do they commonly face in their day-to-day that may or may not affect their decision to purchase your product/service?
    • What might stop them from making a decision? 

Once you’ve built out your personas and understood who they are, you can start to build out content that is going to reach them and drive them to your website. 

Find out more about the buyers journey and how inbound marketing helps your personas to make the journey.


Your personas may all be at different stages of their buyer journey so it’s important to create content that progressively takes them through each stage - Awareness, Consideration, Decision - and nurtures them towards your product or solution. This allows the opportunity to prove your expertise in the subject and educates the buyer in areas that may have been unaware of. 

Buyer Persona Puppy

Do research into their pains and challenges to see how frequently they are searching and how your competitors may already be addressing them. Is there a gap in the market in terms of content for your persona? You can use this as an opportunity to win the trust of your buyers by offering free knowledge and advice over your competitors.

Breakdown your content across the three stages and consider gating the most valuable information behind a form at the end of each stage to allow the opportunity to capture data of the users coming to your website. A gated asset could be in the form of an eBook, infographic, guide, checklist, video and many other formats. It should offer help and advice to your buyer that with improve their understanding of their pain but into push them forward into the next stage of their journey, and ultimately be working towards them getting in contact with your to enquire about your business.

At SpotDev, we understand buyers and can help you build content around your buyers challenges. If you want to know around buyer personas and how to drive traffic to your website, contact us.

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