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Case study


Industry: Treasury & cash management services

HubSpot products used:

  • CMS Hub Enterprise



Results overview

1. Decreased bounce rate from direct traffic by 10.70%

2. Increased contact-to-customer rate by 5.13%

3. Increased referral to contact rate by 50%. 

Services used:

  • UX Research
  • UX Design
  • UI design system and high-fidelity design
  • Bespoke HubSpot Theme Development
  • Site Population & Build
  • Content Writing (ESMInbound)
  • Website Launch
  • Rebranded Marketing Campaign (ESMInbound)
Superior Design System


Superior Press rebranded to Superior. The company put itself on the map by providing treasury products to banks and businesses.

They needed the new name, brand and website to reposition them as a solution provider to banks, rather than a predominantly paper product-focused company. 

The challenge

The website was outdated and focused on paper products, with very little information about their new customer-experience offering.

In addition, the new website needed to build trust and credibility in this new space.

Users were coming to the website to:

  • Log into the customer portal to place orders
  • Gather information on products 
  • Gain an understanding of the solutions offered 
  • Make contact or get quotes
  • Book an appointment with a consultant.

In addition, Superior needed a robust design system to translate the atomic-based components into functional modules of a custom-branded HubSpot theme.

Users & audience

  • Primary users and journey = Bankers  

  • Secondary users and journey = Medium to large-sized businesses, franchisees and franchisors. 


Our design process

UX Research

Step 1: Research methods used

Stakeholder interviews, usability testing & website statistics 

Step 2 Findings 

The stakeholder interviews defined the success of the project as follows:

"When we rebrand and have a website that shows us as a treasury solutions company, rather than focussing on our factory and paper products."

"The project will be a success when we have a new modern website with tracking set up and clear goals in place."

Usability tests revealed


Users needed clarification on what terms meant and images didn't correspond to the copy. In addition, they felt that the video hero section took up too much space, and they needed help to see a clear differentiation between solutions and products.

Product & Solution pages

Most users overlooked the horizontal sub-navigation on the secondary-level pages. In addition, users needed to be more clear on the terminology across the board.


The user kept losing the sub-navigation on hover and was unsure if they clicked on the correct link, as page names and button names didn't correspond.  

CustomerJourney Map


The site used many video background embeds, which frustrated users. They couldn't restart the videos and were wondering about the sound and if they could control it. In addition, they were perplexed about the text link on the video instead of a play button.


Users only noticed testimonials once we pointed them out because they were so small. They also said that the job titles needed to be more specific and that there was an underline that made it look like a link but didn't go anywhere.

Our culture:

Users felt that the security section within our culture was out of place in the site hierarchy. They were expecting to see more focus on how the company helps clients.

Forms & contact

Forms were confusing, and users needed clarification about what was 1) being asked and 2) going to happen in return.

Impact of research on the product:

  • We changed the 'Bank and Business' category to 'Product & Solutions'. We did this because the site structure duplicated a lot of content across 'Bank and Business' pages. The duplicate content caused users to question the difference between the checks page underneath the businesses category vs checks in the banks' category, as the page looked the same.  
  • We added a page called Superior for you' - where banks and businesses can self-identify and access specific content for their needs. Still, equally, they can choose solutions or products, making accessing the right content for their needs easier.
  • About - We added 'Our Story' as a separate page as the business wanted to make more of its existing content and use this area to build trust. The new 'About' page was more focused on top-level information. 
  • Risk & compliance management - We grouped this under 'Solutions' as research revealed it felt out of place under 'About Us'.
  • We designed a clear difference between products and solutions by differentiation in the navigation and on pages by adding differently coloured content blocks and using this throughout the website narrative. 
  • We enabled the primary users to self-identify as Business or Bank, and explore which products/solutions are available via the navigation and homepage.
  • We created a clear path to call-to-action that is relevant to each user journey, business or bank.
  • We gave users complete control over video (start/stop/volume) and used video only when it offered them relevant information. 
  • We steered clear of video backgrounds as the research findings indicated this frustrated users.
  • We decided on the terminology of 'products' and 'solutions' and used it consistently throughout the website. 
  • We increased the size of the social proof modules to build trust and credibility.
  • We reworked the forms, taking user research into account, by adding a contact method and ensuring the form heading and 'thank you' message was descriptive of the actions being taken and what was coming next.
Superrior website

Component/module design & development

  • We designed and developed a suite of custom-branded modules 
  • The modules were developed using components and variants of components as a guide 
  • Each module had customisable elements or variant layouts; complex modules had both. The functionality made it easy to create various layouts quickly.

Component breakdown
Components Board Superior


  • Decreased bounce rate from direct traffic by 10.70% 
  • Increased contact-to-customer rate by 5.13% 
  • Increased referral to contact rate by 50% 
  • We launched the website on time & on budget. 
  • We delivered a newly branded website that differentiates between paper products and solutions with tracking and goals in place. 

"We've been able to expand our capabilities with your team's support and ingenuity through the design and implementation of both creative executions and technical platforms."

April Levin
Vice President of Marketing
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