Digital Marketer

Job Title: Digital Marketer

Reporting to: Director of Marketing

Salary range: £32,000-£36,000pa

Location: UK-based, work from home (ESM Inbound is a fully remote agency and was before the coronavirus pandemic)


Note to recruiters

ESM Inbound has an exclusive arrangement with a single recruitment agency. We're very happy with this. 

As a result, we won't be considering any applications from recruitment consultants or agencies. 

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Who we are

ESM Inbound is an inbound marketing, creative design and web development consultancy with HubSpot and Vidyard partnerships. Out of over 3,000 HubSpot Solution Partners, we are one of only 20 that are Diamond HubSpot-certified in the UK. 

We work from wherever we like: we are a 100% remote agency. For us that means Bath, Bristol, Brighton and (somewhere that isn’t brought to you by the letter ‘B’) Rugby in the UK, plus Cape Town in South Africa, and Ukraine. We’re a team of around 20 people and while we are completely home-based, we have plenty of ways to stay connected and have fun (even during a pandemic!)

What is the job?

You’ll be part of the Marketing Division, reporting directly to the Director of Marketing.

This isn’t a copywriting role – part of the job will be to write copy but it’s far more than that. 

We need you to have a strategic mind, too. We want you to be part of the strategy-development process, rather than just a “brief follower”. We need you to be “a bit good” at lots of different marketing skills (and maybe an expert in one or two, as well).

Essential skills

  • Flawless, attention-to-detail, SEO-driven copywriting skills.
  • Content strategy experience – starting with goals, you’ve planned long- and short-term marketing campaigns with many moving parts, from email marketing to organic social posts. 
  • Experience working with buyer personas (or very detailed audience profiles).
  • Account management experience. If not in a marketing agency, then you’ve been responsible for multiple stakeholders and relationships in an in-house marketing team. Either way, you’re comfortable working client-side and enjoy taking ownership of a whole account, meeting over Zoom with clients regularly and confidently. 
  • The ability to build content on a CMS, this would ideally be HubSpot but it may be Wordpress or another similar platform.
  • Data analysis and reporting – you love data and how it informs your next marking moves. Not only are you confident looking at a dashboard and working out how a campaign is performing, but you can pull recommendations together based on what the data tells you and explain it to clients.
  • Leadership abilities and the skills to work as part of a tight team.

Nice to haves

  • Inbound marketing experience
  • A few HubSpot certifications and HubSpot CMS experience
  • Paid search experience (writing, setting up, monitoring and reporting on Google Ads)
  • Paid social experience (writing, setting up, monitoring and reporting on Facebook, LinkedIn and/or YouTube Ads).

The types of projects we’d like you to be involved in (and eventually lead) include: 

  • Content marketing campaigns: creating gated content, landing pages, thank you pages, follow-up emails.
  • Email marketing campaigns: a series of nurturing emails that warm up a prospect over time, sending them relevant and educational content.
  • Building topic clusters: how can you build multiple pieces of content around a particular topic and link them all together for Google to love?
  • Look at a client’s existing marketing efforts and make recommendations about how to improve or use assets better to attract leads.

Who are you?

First and foremost, we need you to be able to plan and execute digital marketing campaigns for our clients. Other skills can (and will) be taught – such as how to implement the inbound marketing methodology, account management and strategy planning.

You’ll be right for us if you can answer ‘yes’ to the following:

  • Can you find gaps in a client’s marketing efforts or identify missed opportunities about how to use assets better?
  • Are you confident to join colleagues on client calls and ask questions/present your ideas?
  • Are you familiar with HubSpot and/or the inbound methodology? 
  • Does your copy spur people into action?
  • Can you write copy for challenging or “dry” industries?
  • Can you optimise content for search engines seamlessly?
  • Can you spot your own errors and fix them?
  • Do you love reading and watching marketing content, consuming as much as you possibly can to help inform your own strategy?
  • Are you keen to learn new skills, whilst bringing marketing strategies and techniques with you to share with us (we are always learning, too)?

If you made it this far (and just said “Yes” a bunch of times) then we are interested in you! The following are things we think would make you a dream candidate (but are not essential):

  • You’re used to an agency environment (2+ years), switching between accounts, industries and tone of voice like the wind.
  • You have 3+ years of copywriting experience.
  • You’ve used a project management tool such as Teamwork, Asana or Trello before to help you keep to tight deadlines.
  • You’ve worked in a CMS before, such as HubSpot or Wordpress to build, schedule and publish content to a high standard.
  • You have experience creating video content – you can bring razzmatazz and jazz hands to ‘wow‘ our customers. 
  • You love dogs. 

So, you’re STILL here?

This is a good sign… our Marketing Division likes it when people are dedicated! We also love chatting, tea and someone who can tell a great joke at morning briefing. The right-fit person is essential to our team; if you tick all the boxes above but can’t send a great GIF in Slack to make the team laugh, then you’re probably not the right-fit for us. 

Since you’ve stuck with us this far, we’d love you to send us your CV, plus some links to your work.

What are we offering?

  • A salary of £32,000-£36,000 pa (depending on experience)
  • Personal development opportunities and plenty of training 
  • A friendly, funny, sociable team who will be happy to “show you the ropes”
  • A new laptop and anything else (within reason – sadly, we are out of diamond-encrusted unicorns) you need to help you set up your home-working environment
  • An annual ESM Inbound summit (as soon as we can fly again)
  • Generous benefits, including 28 days holiday, employee assistance programme, private healthcare cover, a world-class maternity, paternity & shared parental leave policy, and all the marketing/sales/business books you ask for. 

Reference ID: ESM/Digital Marketer

Job Types: Full-time, Permanent


  • Monday to Friday, 9am-6pm

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I love working at ESM Inbound. The team is top notch and it's great to work with such a talented group of professionals.


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