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Update HubSpot property




If a record already exists in HubSpot, this function allows you to update its properties. 

It's ideal for use alongside the `Search CRM` snippet. If your search returns a single result, this function can update the properties. 



Language: JavaScript


function updateObject(propertyName, propertyValue, objectType, objectId) {

        const data = {

            properties: {

                `${propertyName}: '${propertyValue}'`



        const config = {

            headers: {

                'Content-Type': 'application/json',

                'Authorization': accessToken



        axios.patch(`${objectType}/${objectId}`, data, config)

            .then(response => {

                console.log(`Successfully updated the ${objectType} with ID of ${objectId}. ${propertyName} is now has a value of ${propertyValue}`);


            .catch(error => {

                console.log(`Error while updating the ${objectType} with ID of ${objectId}. Received this error message from HubSpot: ${error.message}`);




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